Thursday, April 27, 2006


How i hate this lovely day yesterday ended with this 2 huge..ugly..furry...vicious..despicable and disgusting roaches...!!!!! i was home early then usual. Happily climbing the stairs I was stumped when I noticed these 2 sinful creatures at my bathroon door...dalam hati mmg cursing tak ingat ah..thinking it back pun dah tegak segala bulu roma yg ada..where the hell these to curseful creatures came from..???tak penah bilik aku nie kena ceroboh dgn benda2 camnih..if ada pun nyamuk jek..but then i realized sumthing..i remembered not closing one of the pipe openings after doing my weekly session of "mari mengemas bilik "

as fast as lightning i managed to grab my broom...still with terror..i tried to kill the roaches..i made it after 3 attemps. Did that while squatting on the toilet bowl hehehehe...when i just thought it was over i heard a very humble sound just behind my bathroom door...and THERE IT WAS..laki dia ke bini dia aku tak tau..ada lagi sekor...cinabenggggg!!!!!!! dah malas nk pukul..seksaan dia kejap, i took the insect repellant by jumping from the toilet bowl straight out to the door...gila terer...:-D and without fail i aimed on its face..hambekk kau...i'm actually prolonging its agony before it finally died..memula rasa puas hati gila2...but thinking back...gila aku seksa dia..nanti kat akhirat dia balas balik..alamak..mcm mana nih....????

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Singapore trip

Was in Singapore last weekend.Took a day leave on Monday since Tuesday is Maulidul Rasul.It's been a very looooooooooooong time i left for Singapore..masa umo 12 tahun..lama tuh..well, everytime we had this plan of going there..sure something came up unexpectedly. itu yg fed up nak plan dah..:-D
The trip was a short notice one. My uncle had undergone this kidney, menjadi tanggung jawab para sedara lah pegi melawat. My dad was supposed to go but at the last minute he cannot make it..and so aku dgn nud lah pegi..i was very excited..yer ah lama tak pegi kan..jakun jap tgk singapore..i mean..the sights has changed totally...i can't recall where my aunties and uncles resides anymmore..lupa habih..
we left for singapore dgn bawak duit yg sgt ciput..babah ada ah kasi sedekah 400 hehehe..tapi kalau tukar tinggal baper jer..100++ sing dollars je..mana cukup..sedih...sedih..slamat mkn semua ditanggung sedara kat sana pun takder sale..nothing to look forward. KL lg murah aa..ker memang aku kedekut i did grab few kains for my mommy and my in law..cantik gak..for myself i got songket..not like the one for wedding lah kawan..ini yg buat bj kurung nyer..tak panas..I was eyeing for the kain when i first saw it kat Jalan TAT..mahal gila kay...350 sepasang!!!! here i got it for 110..kira ok lah kan...

oh..did i tell u that nud was detained at the woodlands custome check for a face gone all white since i waited for him for 10 minutes but he din turned out from the custome check..wonder what happened.Called him up he said he was brought to the security office without any reason when asked..a lot of thing spanned on my mind. The fact that I dont have the respect for Singapore custom has made me feel a little queasiness. kerek ah singapore the end i just found out that they were just doing a normal check meaning that they just pick randomly among the people to do check up...nervous break down japp..takkan muka laki aku yg comey lagi berpipi tembam tuh ala2 terrorist kan..hehehe..

anyway enuff ramblings bout the unwelcomed incident. Here are some of the pics taken during our stay.