Monday, November 27, 2006

Doakan saya jadik pompuan kuat boleh???

The Transformation
Well, it’s nice to see how sayang slowly transforms from being a wonderful husband to become a future lovely daddy. Previously we used to address ourselves by other names but now we slowly shifted to daddy and mummy. We just can’t wait for the arrival of our little bundle of joy. He’s gonna be the symbol of our sacred love and sincerity.

What I fear the most
Hearts cannot lie. I’m so freak out right now. My time is just around the corner. Mix feelings prevailed. I keep thinking whether I’m strong enough to endure the pain. Malas aaa nak pikir..I need to embrace myself for this new experience.

Besides the labour pain, my greatest fear is whether I’m prepared enough to be a good mother just like my very own mom. Like my mom used to say, to bring up a child and to nurture the child with positive values which are none the less important. It’s actually a long way trip one could never afford to get lost. We don’t want our inheritance to be somewhat useless in the society when we’re gone. Furthermore, the world now days is cruel enough for people who is less sensitive and competitive. Even I find myself struggling hard enough just to survive for a better live.

What my gynae sed?
Why afraid of non continuous pain ? My doc said, the pain will immediately subside once you get to see the face of your little one. I just can’t wait for the moment to come. I want to experience the magical moment as first time mummy. How would I react…should I cry? Smile? ke masa tuh mcm blurr sbb dah kena jab???

People, I’m so gonna surrender myself to what God has written for me. No matter what happen, I’m so grateful that I’m blessed with such a wonderful family and a great man as my husband, I love them so much and they’re all I have in mylife. They’re my strength and my reason to live in this world. May Allah give me His blessings all the way through. Aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hari Weekend Saya

Casino Royale was superb, at least for me. Reason being, unlike Pierce Brosnan, David Craig was dirty hahahaa…not dirty in the sexual ways mind u…if u can still remember all the previous Bond movies, the agent was always in clean suit no matter what, even after a very tough fight..kena hempuk gila2 ke hapa…it was bodo ok…dah kena bom letup terbaekk pun tuxedo tak kotor and Bond still maintain handsome muka cam bagus. This time around..comot gila Bond..sememeh..i likeeeeee…and lawak dia pun mcm natural.. I finally prefer him over brosnan kot eventhough he’s blonde. Before this dah bermatian ckp Brosnan aaa Bond paling sexy…Eva Green was ok..ermmm..not that sexy and not that lame. just ok kot..but at last commit suicide plak..sia2 kehidupan.

Pregnancy wise, aaaaaaaahhhhhh sgt memenatkan nowdays. 5 weeks left to go…I just cant wait peeps! Rasa mcm bawak tembikai okay…takpun bola bowling..i can’t eat a lot or otherwise I’ll end up like rotten vegetables on my bed. I dunno how to limit my food intake. Makan sikit kang lapar..makan byk kang tak larat jalan. Sian my sayang, yesterday I ended lying on my bed. Plan nakgi kenduri pun canceled. Luckily hujan like nobody’s business. So. Ada excuse sket aaa why takleh pegi. This coming 23rd ada checkup in bm specialist. Eeeeeiii takut plak..i dun wanna know what the doctor will comment. But sure enuff, dah rasa terngiang dah kat telinga nie “ u eat a lot aaaaa….ur baby’s weight naik banyak nih. ..if the baby is too big nanti u tak larat push “ alamak…adding to that I know ted sgt suka la kalo aku beranak ikut tingkap *baik ckp siap2 seblom si dedi cool nih comment..nak tutup telinga ah masa check up nanti

My anniversary plan..sgt kesian aaa hehehe…takleh nak plan canggih2..mak tak larat gitu…rasa nya mcm nak overnite kat Jerjak and Spa Resort dohhh…nie pun tgh tunggu feedback from sayang nyer aunt whether she can get discounts or not…gila kemuttt!!!! Apa bley buat…hendaklah pandai berjimat cermat kerana soon akan mendapat bb…dahla cuti there any available room? Kang penuh sia2..nak celebrate kat mana lg? silap2 dinner jer ah…aiseyyyy sgt boringlah kalo mcm tuh..sayang tanya what I wish to have for our 1st anniversary ..tetiba teringat..kalo ada LCD screen letak dalam keta tuh syok gakkan..nanti bleh aa bb tgk citer spongebob dalam keta..amannnn sket…itu nanti dah ada bb bleh beli aaa not now..gila bagus aku nih…hadiah anniversary tapi bleh bagi tahun depan…sgt baekkk…

Ok bek to werk…..ZZzzzZZZZ

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Result's Day!!!

Sedey..sedeyyy..dgn mummy skali sedeyyy

hepi dah!!!!

Harini sgt meng'hepi' kan seluruh family Pak Mail...adik managed to get straight A's for her UPSR examination...I was there to witness the moment..nervewrecking gakla since among the siblings..she was the one yg paling lepak bila nak exam..suruh study jek jeling 2 mata tuh..banyak angin..tak kena sikit jek hempas pintu..nak jek aku backhand skali hehehe...

During my time..mmg lompat gila ah dapat tau dapat straight A's...gelak gila..raya hindu aaa orang ckp...time changed i guess..unlike my expectation, bebudak nih pakat nangis bila dapat tau dapat 5A's..deviate gila from concept kegembiraan..syahdu jadiknya...pelik aaa bebudak skarang...nak shoot gambar pun mcm tak semangat aa..sebab ter'follow' sedih..ishhh rimas aku la..dulu takder plak aku mcm semenjak duk carry bb nih..hormon lebey hehehe...

Anyway..out of 25 students yg dapat 5A's..5 orang jer malay students..weiii..apa dah jadik nih..???? 20% jek..parents should do somethingla..jgn depend on teachers sgt..even tadi masa amik result..baper kerat jek parents bebudak melayu dtg amik..unlike bangsa lain..ramai dtg nak kasi moral support..haiyooooo that was so frustrating aaa..from the start pun nampak parents mcm tak ambik berat bout their children nyer education....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Open House Umah Atuk

Empat Unimates,3 still single but not available

Ted cakap gambar orang tuh nak amik berkat hahahah....

W/pun sedang sarat ( next month mletop aaaa ) *tp tadek aa sgt pun hehehe* telah dibuli oleh mummy untuk drive from Penang-KL-Penang. She sed jangan manja2 sgt..belasah jek eventhough everybody was worried about me driving long distance. I think benda nih up to your body aa..if rasa takleh jangan push sgt..

I was sooo eager nak blk KL gak.Got no choice pun..nak naik flight dah tak bley...takut terberanak dlm plane tuh sia2 masuk paper. Takpe ah kena drive, lagipun i have to consider jugak aaa..mummy penat tlg prepare for the open house kan.

Satu jek tak sayang was away for his Labuan trip that sunday morning. Dahla the day before he was too bz with his Jamuan hari raya kat opis. Makanya..we only managed to spend a very very short time together kan sayang :-( menci aaaaaaa......

So, today terasa gak ah sakit belakang tapi steady lagi...i dont mind aaa..janji puas..hepi :-D

Friday, November 03, 2006

smalam punya cerita

i had a meeting at 7.30am and my monthly check up with my gynae at 10am yesterday. Due to that, i decided to work from home. Emely kecik was at home too to acoompany me. The same time i felt that it was very gud to have her around. At least I can work myself learning on how to take care of this 4 years old gal. Kacang ah jaga dia since she didn't kacau much. All it takes was susu sebotol and nasi goreng telur. she seemed so hepi when i let her pecahkan telur yg nak digoreng. She mandi sendiri and wore her own clothes all by herself. then lenaaaa...wish my bb jadik mcm tuh jugak. very independent and menjadi kesayangan ramai.

brought her along for my check up..she tot she could see the baby through the ultra sound machine..but when she saw the black and white figure, she seemed frustrated. pastu duk paksa aku tunjuk bb dalam perut nih..camner nk buat tuh?? cuba xplain jap..then she forbids me from eating, dia komplen kat mak aku ckp baby dalam perut aku dah kenyang instead aku nk mkn lagi. then dia tanak tido sama dgn aku sbb dia takut perut aku koyak..iskk..words yg dia guna sungguh mengerikan...and she dislikes the fact of going to be an aunty..reason being, dia duk pakai pampers lagi..still kecik she sed..hehehe..

My baby dah 2.2kg..I've gained 2 kg to 56kg...patut ah mengah smacam and lately mcm short of breath bila naik tangga and such. My gynae sed i ate a lot which i bluntly denied. tahyul aaa doctor nih..suka benar perli hamba yg penakut nih...manader makan banyak hehehe...thinking twice..a'ah la mcm betul jek..even between meals pun duk munching lagik.

He sed my bb can easily shoot up to 3kg++ since i have 7 more weeks to go. well, it's nice to have 3kg punya bb he said but he's worried that i dont have enuff energy to push looking at my size. abih tue apa nk buek??? he advised me to control the amount of food taken daily. tp kalo mummy masak sedap2 camner? sayang blanja mkn best camner? payah nih nk control..ikut my mom..u just eat while u still can..nanti pantang kena control..whatever your baby weighs..sakit sama gak she said..keluar kat situ gak..well, she got the point..tapi takut gak ah...freak out!!!!

Tido is not a luxury anymore. Pusing kiri kanan semua tak kena. asyik terjaga malam. tak selesa sgt dah. resulting from that..mcm dah develop eyebag..eeeee...tak sesuai aa mcm feet has start to swollen. not sure it happened bcoz of water retention or the impact of wearing heels masa first day raya...takkan pasal heels kot ek..shite btol!!!..nak melawa for a second pun takleh isk..isk..isk..