Sunday, September 30, 2007

i really need to renew my wardrobe

i have this wish for like gazillion times...everytime i get to see people dressing up nicely and that is when the craving comes. but till this moment, nothing has been done yet. maybe i shall wait for my next trip to Bandung :-D

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ada orang sabo my patrick dampsey's poster!! did he knew that mamat dampsey tue lah is my catalyst going to work...he actually falls on the "list- of -things- i -couldn't -start -work- without" he's no#3 of course after calling my hubby and looking and my baby's wall of fame...aaahhhh...cute...laptop nih pun buat hal..tak detect my hp's bluetooth plak...else u'll see what this disgusting creature had done to my celebrity darling :-D eh..bila aa GA nyer new season nak kuar?

today emmil is 9 months..he hasn't crawl yet..berat pungkok kot....but he can sit steadily. well, that works for me. i knew that some babies learnt to sit prior to long as my baby is happy..healthy and excited as he always be...owh...pandai gigit kaki mom claimed that it was a sign that the baby nak adik...hellooo..tau ke si emmil about adik??? pandai2 jek org tua2 nih..nak adik la apa..tunggu lah..tak masuk this year nyer budget laaa

i'm famished.not that i dint ake my sahur..but it's raining outside and u know how the weather actually related with nafsu makan..ada ke..but true enuff...when is cold...mcm sedap jek dapat goreng pisang kan ..kan..kan...*abes posa mcm nih

till then, selamat menyental your berbuka dishes..!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


i guess is not too late to wish Selamat Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan on the 2nd day of puasa kan !! Here is Emmil's pic tgh jampi serapah suruh mommy n dedi dia beli baju raya hehehehe....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Muka sapa?

aaaa...Emmil is now 8 months old. he has grown dgn sgt cepat in the hands of his loved ones. cuba tengok these piccas.Muka sapa emmil turns to...mcm bapak dia kan....if only he follows my feature...sure lagi malatoppp muhahahhahaa...emmil needs a jacket..a sweater..piece of cloth that can warm him but so far none of the designs came to my likings. Been searching high n low..but to no avail...last2 haaaa pakai je lah bathrobe nih Emmil. It is temporary till mummy can find urself a nice one. Macam nak gi boxing pun ada...:-D

Dia dah ada gigi, but it is very2 hard to make him flaunt them....shy guy ke? but few days back when i let him bite my fingers, terasa sakit ya amat...rupanya gigi atas nak tumbuh !!!! emmil lepas nih mummy belanja KFC lah..sure dah boleh chew kan hehehe....
Emmil..gigi dah byk but mummy is still waiting for u to crawl lah darling...berat sgt ke ur bontot sayang...or u plan to directly seat instead of crawling???