Monday, April 16, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Punya Penangan

Wanna know what I’ve been up to now? Let’s exclude baking will ya…Grey’s Anatomy of course!!! I’m crazy over these stories about how interns having their own conflicts…having friends that care for each other so much…falling in love … I wish I could be part of them me crazy..having to know that my mom actually wanted me to become a doctor previously really puts me in position of liking such stories. Not to mention IMAGINING ME in the stories as well…saiko tul…This time I’m soooo into Dr. Shepard Montgomery@ Patrick Dampsey …..but I admit…I like him as McDreamy better…he look much hotter in GA compared to when he is not…wonder how does it feel to fall in love with a neuro surgeon…sure gila kembang…I mean hello..!!! a human being who cuts the brain open…who can actually do that and the same time look extremely HOT HOT HOT in those uniforms hahahaha…adoiii…he’s not the handsome type..but his eyes melt me up…his smile…owhhh…this particular human being is creating such a fiasco in my heart *sigh…did I go too much??? gila aku kena tipu idup2 dgn orang putih nih hehehehe….well, this is just one of the many celebrities crushes I had…previously it was Keanu Reeves in the movie SPEED, Hugh Jackman in Broken Arrow apa lagi…Johny Depp in Pirates Of Carribean…..but one thing for sure they all share something in common…they have dark hair !!!..owh boy…there’s more actually….but then nothing to worries, as time flies relentlessly, these feelings will corrodes away…

By the way, I slept at 3 am last nite watching 8 episodes of GA Season 3 back to back. Wanted to continue with the last CD but then I knew that I won’t be sleeping till morning. Not a smart move to do on working days besides…I still have tonite to watch the last CD  Emmil was such a good boy. Well, he has always been a good boy to me only last nite..extra good hehehe…he slept like an waking up in the middle of the nite. I guess he knew what his mummy was up to..I love you hunny bun !!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Very First Pair of Shoes

Hi peeps....haaaaa...look at the title. I got my very first shoes on Sunday !!! How about that... ;-)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My First Hair Cut

"Emmil kena balut "

"Apa benda aaa diorang buat nih..
"Haaaaaa...sukalah saya...dah siappp !!! "

byk la benda buat last weekend...Emmil pegi tangkap gambar potong rambut for the first time...yg botak haritu tak kira laaa..

Daddy suka duk gelak tgk rambut Emmil yg naik setompok-setompok tuh...bengang mommy...sian kan Emmil kena gelak dgn daddy sendiri...terus lepas celebrate birthday aunty dia..mommy daddy bawak gi salon...nak suruh potong sket jambul2 yg tumbuh tak tentu arah tuh...memula mcm ada doubt jugakla..boleh ke kenit nih duk diam..buatnya dia melalak..abess aaa...sekaliiiiiiiiiiiiii...suka benar dia potong rambut...terasa handsome laaa kot..calm sgt...senyap jek..senang keja hairdresser tuh.. the gambars are not that clear due to guna camera phone boleylaa...enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My other cup cakes

These are the cup cakes that my sisters ordered for her hari kantin this saturday..100 bijik ooo..the last cup cakes was a bit messy in handling the icing so, i came out with this type of cupcakes... more kemas. This time around, guna icing jugak but sikit jek..will start baking on friday ptg..wish me luck aaa....!