Monday, December 17, 2007

Emmil is a big guy now !

The picture above says it all. can u see the writings??? is actually and invitation to my cikonet's 1st bday party. it feels just like yesterday when i first cuddled him in my arms and everything turned perfect eversince. How akward it was to bfeed him and to bath him the first time hehehe...the feelings were undescribable and i was smitten with every movements he made. In fact, every milestone he reaches is a celebration to the family. We are so proud of you Emmil !!!
Mommy and daddy pray to God for all the happiness in the world to you and so that you'll be anak yang soleh and berjaya di dunia dan akhirat. May Allah blessed you with all the love in the world InsyaAllah. so, All of you reading this is invited..see ya..!
My Little Guy will turn 1 year old this 26th December 2007. I already bought him a pre birthday present. same goes with his nenek :-D i have ordered his birthday cake and today i need to see the caterer. I plan to have a small birthday party with friends and neighbours coming in. Nothing fancy. No clowns or music. Just balloons and simple decor to tok dedi's house.Hopefully all my plans work ! Aminnnnnn....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm in Oregon now and missing my darlings sooo muchhh :-(

First time in States and it caused me 3 weeks without my baby and family has been a week now..i'm struggling u know..cant wait for next week to come and i'll be flying home :-D

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My First Raya as a mom and 2nd raya as wiffy

Selamat Hari Raya everybody !!! :-> :-> This year hari raya was the 1st one for Emmil...borne in december 2006, he only sempat to celebrate the Raya Haji last year. After few discussion with the husband, we decided that the theme color for our small family is grey/silver. I got Emmil a readymade grey baju melayu melayu plus a very nice samping as complement. The outfit really fits on him like glove. Songkok was sponsored by his toklang..belom posa lagik dah dapat..sgtlah excited my uncle tuh... As for daddy, a readymade baju melayu too from First Lady..lawa2 gak ah collection dia..but only in Jalan TAR nyer for myself, baju raya yang last minute baru siap from my usual tailor..selamat sempat :->

This year raya was the 2nd raya i celebrated as husband and wife...and my 1st time to raya in padang besar..husband's kampung...few days before raya i was feeling lil bit nervous wondering how it would be to be apart from my own family for the first time during raya...kot la meraung ke apa..u know the agony of being my amazement, it wasn't that bad u see...i was so lepak layan'ing his family.. 8-) 8-)

As for emmil, i feel u my baby..he was bitten by apa ntah for 3 days consecutively.. :-S :-S the first one was on his back...the next one on his thigh and lately at the back of his knee..all of them turned into blisters in few days was heartbreaking to see the scars...but alhamdulillah he recovers speedily and the scars gradually subsides...

all in was a blast hari raya in padang besar :-D
Take a peek to

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My 2nd McDreamy hehe

aaaaa...i dont understand why i always have crush on doctors..last night at my home, all eyes were glued the tv. At channel 588 astro there was the live telecast on the 1st Malaysia angkasawan blasts off to the orbit..gilerrr cool huh...and the luckiest person in malaysia is dr sheikh instict told me that he's gonna get it as early as they presented us with the final 10 candidates. come on laa..malaysia pun ada taste jugak..he got style...and i really envy his red tie...he was always in that tie...owh with that i plan to get nud the red tie as well hehehe....this sheikh is gonna be the icon...sure enuff his face gonna be published in buku2 budak sekolah rendah n menengah...takkanla..nak tunjuk our 1st astronout mcm muka bangla constructions right.
salute to him for his bravery. was talking to my mom while watching the launching.."mummy, kalau anak mummy is the chosen one, would u give ur blessings? " mummy replied " iskkk takmaulaa...lom tentu dia blk selamat...takmau laa mummy hilang anak " me " eh ok per...besok bolehla mummy brag around..anak den nie haa..baru balik angkaso...mano ado anak org lain laieee yg dapek gi sano " my mom " iskk budak nih "...rileks laa the world nowdays, people always brag about their children success...owh baru balik oversea lah hapa...but to this sheikh parents they have move 1 level ahead..his son just came back from the galaxy...mcm dalam citer star wars lak kan...power!!!! but then peggy whitson tuh lagi laaa dasyat..she's the commander..and she actually gonna stay there for at least 2 months..perghhhh....pompuan tuuuuu.....
as i admire him sooo much for his bravery..ya right...more on his looks actually and not forgetting that he is a sistas mentioned about how sheikh and beckham actually share something in common. before i can came up with anything sis just spilled it out loud..suara dia halus aa kak leen...tak proportionate with his body la....yeker haaa..tak penah dgr lak dia ckp...takper lah later when he comes back..i'll steal some time to have dinner at rebung bangsar. hopefully my luck...leh laaa tgk dier hehehe...dream on leen....pandai lebih aa budak2 nih....lantakla..

excerpt from the star :

He spent his time reading the Quran and conducting sembahyang hajat, and calling his family and loved one.<---who's the lucky girl heh..sure kembang hidung lepas nih..ada chance jadik datin aaa...

credits to mstar for these pictures

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm officially a me aunty plsssss will ya Airil...

My cuz just gave birth to an adorable little boy last 2 days. managed to steal sometime after berbuka to visit her. she had undergone a c-section ..totally sedated...on General Anesthetic (GA)....the only diff between me and her is...i was totally awake during the session and was on epidural...the miracle of a very2 penakut person on earth...believe me, it just hurt a bit..still bearable for me....

but to see her in pain yesterday was a different scenario ...during my time i smiled even b4 i was brought out from the OT after i saw my sayang. my both legs were numb but that did not distract me from being me...the usual chatterbox..but my cuz is fa ar cry . she complained over the pain. she felt like coughing all the way but too afraid that it might hurt the wound. trust me it'll hurt and u never want to laugh also cause it hurts so bad. from my so called experience...all u can do is to control the way u cough, sneeze and laugh.....instead of coughing u may try to just least u accomplish the coughing process by 50%..if u feel like laughing hard due to the lame jokes ur families make...just smile widely and flaunt ur the sensation of laughing madly will eventually subside by 50% also..u'll feel relief........i dunno whether it worked for her but it did on me....Well, that's the downside of having a c-section by going through GA..for those who plan on having a c-section, do try on not as creepy/fearful as u imagine being awake during the operation. u wont feel a thing. besides, don't u want to feel how your baby being pulled out from ur enormous tummy and not to mention ur baby's first cry????

the highlights of this entry is not just the agony my cuz has to go through but also the baby's name. While the elevator still moving towards the 2nd floor i threw this Q to my aunty " nama apa ? my aunty replied " tak tau laa..but the last time i heard they planned for Muhammad Airil Izwan " jaw dropped, so as my mom's and sisters...IZWAN !!!! then all of us started laughing. by the way IZWAN is actually my hubby's middle name MOHD IZWAN NUZAIHAN. dalam byk2 name kat donia nih..apa ke IZWAN jugak menjadi pilihan ? As i arrived in the ward, " yeen, apa nama baby hang nih " yeen replied " Muhammad Airil Izwan " ermmmm sah..confirm laa Izwan mmg ada...called up my hubby told about it and guess how he responded " haaaaaa..confirm dah baby to handsome besok "......ok..end of story..malas nak comment. happy fasting peeps..ada lagik 2 hari !!!!!!!!!!!

as for the baby's pic..i have them on my hp. but i couldnt use my card reader as the memory card is too tiny.i need to launch a search party then to look after the cable. Cheers!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

i really need to renew my wardrobe

i have this wish for like gazillion times...everytime i get to see people dressing up nicely and that is when the craving comes. but till this moment, nothing has been done yet. maybe i shall wait for my next trip to Bandung :-D

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ada orang sabo my patrick dampsey's poster!! did he knew that mamat dampsey tue lah is my catalyst going to work...he actually falls on the "list- of -things- i -couldn't -start -work- without" he's no#3 of course after calling my hubby and looking and my baby's wall of fame...aaahhhh...cute...laptop nih pun buat hal..tak detect my hp's bluetooth plak...else u'll see what this disgusting creature had done to my celebrity darling :-D eh..bila aa GA nyer new season nak kuar?

today emmil is 9 months..he hasn't crawl yet..berat pungkok kot....but he can sit steadily. well, that works for me. i knew that some babies learnt to sit prior to long as my baby is happy..healthy and excited as he always be...owh...pandai gigit kaki mom claimed that it was a sign that the baby nak adik...hellooo..tau ke si emmil about adik??? pandai2 jek org tua2 nih..nak adik la apa..tunggu lah..tak masuk this year nyer budget laaa

i'm famished.not that i dint ake my sahur..but it's raining outside and u know how the weather actually related with nafsu makan..ada ke..but true enuff...when is cold...mcm sedap jek dapat goreng pisang kan ..kan..kan...*abes posa mcm nih

till then, selamat menyental your berbuka dishes..!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


i guess is not too late to wish Selamat Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan on the 2nd day of puasa kan !! Here is Emmil's pic tgh jampi serapah suruh mommy n dedi dia beli baju raya hehehehe....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Muka sapa?

aaaa...Emmil is now 8 months old. he has grown dgn sgt cepat in the hands of his loved ones. cuba tengok these piccas.Muka sapa emmil turns to...mcm bapak dia kan....if only he follows my feature...sure lagi malatoppp muhahahhahaa...emmil needs a jacket..a sweater..piece of cloth that can warm him but so far none of the designs came to my likings. Been searching high n low..but to no avail...last2 haaaa pakai je lah bathrobe nih Emmil. It is temporary till mummy can find urself a nice one. Macam nak gi boxing pun ada...:-D

Dia dah ada gigi, but it is very2 hard to make him flaunt them....shy guy ke? but few days back when i let him bite my fingers, terasa sakit ya amat...rupanya gigi atas nak tumbuh !!!! emmil lepas nih mummy belanja KFC lah..sure dah boleh chew kan hehehe....
Emmil..gigi dah byk but mummy is still waiting for u to crawl lah darling...berat sgt ke ur bontot sayang...or u plan to directly seat instead of crawling???

Monday, August 27, 2007

At last...a well working handphone !!

Folks, i got a new phone yesterday. After comtemplating for days whether or not to have it, there u go a new Nokia 6300. Reason for having it, i got Emmil's saliva all over my old phone which made the phone to hang all the time and to shut down on its own.No reason. Since the ca ya nun alip agreed to trade in my phone for rm350, i better took up the chance before it becomes a useless piece of junk. I was reluctant at first as it was a wedding gift from my hubby but he was the one persuading me to let it go. He sed is not the phone that really matters, is the thoughts. Tapi sebenarnya budget tadek kekeke...i do plan to get a new phone but not to soon...was eyeing on E65. Simple and slim.I like.Tak mampu. Had to let it go frpm the list since i need to top up additional rm1200 for that. banyak tuh !!! but i'm more than satisfied to have a phone that really works and doesn't hang mcm gilerrr...Well, there u go...with additional rm500 i got this slim telco aids...very sexy...! wish my tummy is as slim as this nokia :-D

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Many Ways My Child tries to avoid bedtime/naptime

Hello peeps !

Thanks Ira for tagging me ! without you my blog will slowly be sinking in the sea :-D So many things happened but I couldn’t find the right words to start with. Then I decided to keep everything at heart even though it is scratching high and low asking me to spill it out to you guys.

The Many Ways My Child tries to avoid bedtime/naptime...... Ermmmm I think I can come out with few

1) Emmil will start rolling on his back whenever I bait him with milk to make him sleep
2) He would ‘garu’ his head and in fact the entire body that his little cute fingers can reach
3) Making funny sounds while clutching his fists very tightly together..ala2 incerdible hulk laa konon
4) The very effective grin he makes that never fails to make me ‘gomol’ him kekekeke…confirm2 aa tak tido kan..geram tgk gigi 2 batang tuh
5) Raise up his hands as if crying for help whenever he sees his nenek, tok dedi or my sisters sambil buat muka sedih dan mulut sebut “amma….amma “

That’s all that I can think of at the moment. With that, I’m tagging Newrin since she’s the only friends that really update her blog :-D

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bandung Oh Bandung

Lega ah si mas Riza nih rajin dukung Emmil...syokla mak dia heheheh

Bapak2 yang dah tak baper ganteng kekekkeke

tergolek sebenar Emmil n Mia

Pak Supir kitorang nih Mas Riza..amacam..ok?

The Red Devils

Posing dulu before naik plan

haaaaaa...long time no see...kekkekeke..aperdaaa...lama plekkk tak update blog...been bz all the way...anyway...just got back from a short trip to Bandung y'oll....waduh2 sgt best okeh....rasa nak pegi lagi!!!!!!!! well...that was actually my 2nd trip to bandung. the last trip was with my in laws...aaaa biasalah..kenalah control sket dgn diorang hahaha...this time around, mommy lupa diri aaa...tambah2 lak in this trip...ira, ted, mia, najib and fara tagged along...!!! hancur aaa Bandung kejap dgn kitorang. We shopped till we dropped. Everybody was utterly flat..rasa mcm nak patah pinggang and tercabut kaki...but dgn semangat yg jitu sbb nawaitu tuh dah nak shopping kan...gagah gok jalan...sampai FOS tutup ah punya duk membeli...but the winner of the day si kenit Emmil aaaaaa...byk baju dia...berbelas pasang gak for mommy..okla..puas myself a pair of shoes...baju zara..7 jeans(gila tak mampu kalo nak bli yg kat mesia) ..guess jeans sebijik...tudung untuk para ibu di mesia and not forgetting aaa...pakaian dalaman CK and juicy couture ...murahhh gilerrr i tell for daddy sakan gak ah...mcm org kaya2...armani...Hugo Boss... :-D

lupa nk mention..our supir for the trip..good looking oooo..dahla baik gilerrr..siap tlg dokong Emmil...Emmil pun bagus ah...kamceng dgn si Mas Riza tuh..selamatttttttttt mommy..mommy shop dgn jayanya...pisang sa-le yg dia bawak kasi kitorang makan tuh pun sedap banget...itu yg blk mesia pesan kat dia 30 packets pisang sale tuh...owh..brownies kukus Indon jugak sedap banget ya kawan2...*nih sambil tulis duk makanla..nyum..nyum...

apa lagi yer about pirate...or dalam bahasa Indon is CD pajak..murah laiee from batu feringghi !! 2 ringgit sekeping..mommy bought a few laa..yg penting CD grey's Anatomy....CD ori dia pun murah aaa....dapat aa CD Rossa, Glenn and also Keris patuh...sekeping about RM15...oklar..original kan..wonder why mesia takleh jual semurah wonder aa we opt for pirated CD kan....gambar tadek lagila..ada kat daddy Emmil nie haaa...weekend nih dia bawak blk camera bleh aaa upload..not much of the sceneries laaa..semua pung bz ber'shopping' . the pics attached nih pun hijakced from ira nyer flickr.

apa2 pun mmg syok banget seyyy...rasanya mau kembali lagik ke sana...wahai kawan2ku..ada berannnnnnnnn? repeat bandung next year??? asyik gi Indon manager dah sound aa..jgn duk gi sana slalu sbb dia duk insist suh buat US visa..takut mine kena reject hahahaha...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Selamat Hari Cikgu !!!

Remembering my school days? iskkkk ngeriii...ngeriii..not that bad laa...but gila naive ah...malu nak citer kat Emmil esok dia besar...kena mark up lebey sket aaa kekeke...but one thing for sure..saya disayangi cikgu2 oooo..sbb saya ckp parents used to get that comment everytime they were asked to collect my report book..tak kisahla they sed..janji nak blaja and i can produce result yg best...well tadek aa da bomb sgt result..tapi lepasler masuk university and dapat degree hehehe...aaaaa...

tapi masa skolah dulu pun syok gak..mcm2 benda dlm byk2 aaa..i dun think many of you manage to do it..iaitu me'match make' kan cikgu english dgn kerani skolah aaaa...dah anak 4 pun...:-D giler ah..ajar cikgu ngorat sambil lukis mural kat dinding skolah..baikkan saya??

what else aaa...selalu fail bahsa Arab and as the result, kena humban masuk 2nd class all the way..well that was the policy in my arab jek kena turun class..tapi giler arab tuh mmg tadek rasa guilty langsung....tak heran...instead my parents would be in terkejut ya amat state kalau i did passed the subject...oooo sgt teruk..tapi PMR dapat B okeh..and for SPM..C4..ok ah tuh kan...dah habis skolah baru perasan..why fail arab only kena turun class? wehh apsal gitu aaa...??? nak kena tanya ust syamsuri aaa...this guy once a very famous penceramah agama aaaaa in Penang but because of some unfortunate events...dia dah tak jadik penceramah and also cikgu aaa...and he's even better..jadik tauke nasi kandar pelita oooo...nie yg syokk...makan kat sana tak penah bayar aaa....tapi kat HQ diek jek bleyyy kat chai leng park, prai, penang...i still remembered this tragedy..kira tragedy aa..he taught me Arabic jugakla...he asked me in Arabic.."apa benda kita simpan dalam wallet" dgn sgt konfiden i replied in Arab tuh..jgn tak tau..'Kambeng simpan dalam wallet " nahhhhhhhhh..berdiri aa ats kerusi sebijik..sgt embarassing...kulit nih massively tebal..yer ah...dgn berbaju kurung ayunya tapi kena berdiri ats fault ke kalau kambeng and duit dlm arabic sounded sooooo similar? hoihhhh...

oooo...lagi satu..saya sgt lah bukan budak yg cantik..comottt aaa..jerawat sepah...sbb tuh tadek bf..baikkan saya...buruk sebenarnya...but i was hepi...heavenly hepi..dapat 5 ringgit daily pun hepi...gemuk gak...naik public transport..with all the asap hitam nauzubillah...habuk..tapi hepi gakkan...unlike now...byk nyaaa kena pikir..hutang keta...astro bill...duit tepon..segala macam jenis aaa...kan best jadik budak skola..tak payah pk pun semua tuh.. :-(

last time "babah...nak duit beli buku...nak beli sharpener..nak beli kupon hari kantin..and bla..bla...boleh ?" ..with no hesitant at all..." haaa...baper nak ? " confirm dapat nyer lah...adeihhh heaven ok..and in this blog i admitted aaa...kadang2 mark up gok the amount of money yg duk mintak kat my dad...ada balance..bleh aaa beli cd lagu kekeke......agak2 kalau now i use that line again but tukar sket aaa "babah..nak duit bleh..nak bayar hutang "..agak2 berjaya tak kekekek...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Punya Penangan

Wanna know what I’ve been up to now? Let’s exclude baking will ya…Grey’s Anatomy of course!!! I’m crazy over these stories about how interns having their own conflicts…having friends that care for each other so much…falling in love … I wish I could be part of them me crazy..having to know that my mom actually wanted me to become a doctor previously really puts me in position of liking such stories. Not to mention IMAGINING ME in the stories as well…saiko tul…This time I’m soooo into Dr. Shepard Montgomery@ Patrick Dampsey …..but I admit…I like him as McDreamy better…he look much hotter in GA compared to when he is not…wonder how does it feel to fall in love with a neuro surgeon…sure gila kembang…I mean hello..!!! a human being who cuts the brain open…who can actually do that and the same time look extremely HOT HOT HOT in those uniforms hahahaha…adoiii…he’s not the handsome type..but his eyes melt me up…his smile…owhhh…this particular human being is creating such a fiasco in my heart *sigh…did I go too much??? gila aku kena tipu idup2 dgn orang putih nih hehehehe….well, this is just one of the many celebrities crushes I had…previously it was Keanu Reeves in the movie SPEED, Hugh Jackman in Broken Arrow apa lagi…Johny Depp in Pirates Of Carribean…..but one thing for sure they all share something in common…they have dark hair !!!..owh boy…there’s more actually….but then nothing to worries, as time flies relentlessly, these feelings will corrodes away…

By the way, I slept at 3 am last nite watching 8 episodes of GA Season 3 back to back. Wanted to continue with the last CD but then I knew that I won’t be sleeping till morning. Not a smart move to do on working days besides…I still have tonite to watch the last CD  Emmil was such a good boy. Well, he has always been a good boy to me only last nite..extra good hehehe…he slept like an waking up in the middle of the nite. I guess he knew what his mummy was up to..I love you hunny bun !!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Very First Pair of Shoes

Hi peeps....haaaaa...look at the title. I got my very first shoes on Sunday !!! How about that... ;-)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My First Hair Cut

"Emmil kena balut "

"Apa benda aaa diorang buat nih..
"Haaaaaa...sukalah saya...dah siappp !!! "

byk la benda buat last weekend...Emmil pegi tangkap gambar potong rambut for the first time...yg botak haritu tak kira laaa..

Daddy suka duk gelak tgk rambut Emmil yg naik setompok-setompok tuh...bengang mommy...sian kan Emmil kena gelak dgn daddy sendiri...terus lepas celebrate birthday aunty dia..mommy daddy bawak gi salon...nak suruh potong sket jambul2 yg tumbuh tak tentu arah tuh...memula mcm ada doubt jugakla..boleh ke kenit nih duk diam..buatnya dia melalak..abess aaa...sekaliiiiiiiiiiiiii...suka benar dia potong rambut...terasa handsome laaa kot..calm sgt...senyap jek..senang keja hairdresser tuh.. the gambars are not that clear due to guna camera phone boleylaa...enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My other cup cakes

These are the cup cakes that my sisters ordered for her hari kantin this saturday..100 bijik ooo..the last cup cakes was a bit messy in handling the icing so, i came out with this type of cupcakes... more kemas. This time around, guna icing jugak but sikit jek..will start baking on friday ptg..wish me luck aaa....!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jadik I tell yewwwww :-D

Before tgk cupcakes and muffin yg mummy buat..tgk Emmil dulu aaaa.....penat pose pakai bunga nih
POsing side ways lak hehehe....

Emmil nak enterframe gok aaa...Well, u'll always be my little cuppa cake darling ;-D

My colorful cupcakes tapi design ntah apa2...

Blue berry muffin...

First attempt baking muffin and cupcakes jadik !!! Tgkla..tgkla...although adala flaws here and there but who least I've tried .. !

Friday, March 23, 2007

Agak2 menjadi tak?

I'm sooooo gonna test my skill in baking. I did baked cakes before but of course with the help from my mom. Never done that on my own EXCEPT if i used all this adunan cake instant aaaa...tapi sedap jugakla benda2 instant nih...So, my plan for this weekend issssssssss........making cup cakes !!!! I already found the recipe for the cake and also the toppings. What I need to do now is to shop for all the ingredients *I like this part so much!....Bibik akan dtg rumah mengemas rumah, my little Emmil will be taken care by his nenek...Nud will only arrive at 10.30pm on saturday nite...wohooo..folks...I have the whole saturday morning till nite for myself...yeeehaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! No pic for this entry as I will only upload it IF and only IF my cupcake itu menjadi dgn sifat2 yang sgt comeyyyy...dan terliur untuk dimakan...:-D
Reason for doing this is to mempersiapkan diri setelah menjadi mak budak..teringin laaa later hantar cup cakes kat skolah Emmil..cehh..bila tanya sapa buat..Emmil jawab my mommy !...alangkah bestnyaaaa....*berangan di pagi Jumaat

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Moment

Two 'bestest' friends of mine got hitched last 2 weeks. One got engaged and the other one got married to the love of their lives. Both of them were super gorgeous, clad in lavish purple and turqoise outfits. I was overjoyed to see them grinning the whole time during their Big Day. Not forgetting to their other halves. You guys look undeniably handsome :-D This entering-new-phase-in life is actually so much fun. Been there and done that..To Zinnia & Paktam and Hunny & Arbok..Congratulations from us......Have a wonderful years ahead !!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Should i ?

I'm in dilemma peeps..although this is far cry from life and death but still...i cant make up my mind..It is about Emmil strollers..i got 3 of them currently which neither of them cost a penny to me but still I cant help myself from planning to get another stroller for Emmil. This time, i'll have the chance to choose the design..the color and all according to my desire BUT this particular stroller that i'm eyeing on will dig a big hole in my pocket..adoilaaa parah betull...let me see my expenditure forcast for the next couple of months.

Need to book hotel for my Bandung trip - March RM400

Babah's Birthday - March RM300 ( beli kan shirt oklah kot kan )

Kakak's Birthday - March RM200 ( bagi cash )

Intel's team building - April RM100 ( buat beli sayur C.Highland)

Adik's Birthday - April RM200 ( bagi cash )

Hubby's Birthday - April RM400 ( Igt nak belikan kasut )

Damai Laut trip - April RM300 ( consider bday present for nud )

Parent's Anniversary - May RM300 ( belanja dinner )

Bandung Trip - June RM1.5k (blanja beli bj sendiri+baby)

Road tax & Insurance - July RM3.3k (ini yg paling parah)




SEE! in 4 months to come i'll be spending that much money for something that is outside from my monthly expenditure..bagaimanakah itu..? looks like there's no space for my pocket to include this "mahal-punya-stroller" cian Emmil.. :-( On the other hand..adakah ada peluang aku untuk membodek para atuk bagi mendapatkan stroller yang turut menjadi idaman ira ini????

Friday, March 09, 2007

Back To Work

*yawn..after 77 days and I'm back in the office feeling totally lost..apa benda diorang buat nih..i know this re-entry will take time..lupa abih all the applications and their functions..rasa mcm baru masuk keja plak..terkulat-kulat sorang2 duk main2 dgn system..i miss my long leave..

lepak gila + gaji masuk = sgt hepi..

That's how the equation goes. Sapa nak rasa mcm tuh haaaaaaaaa cepat2 la membiak hehehehe..*yawn again..

p/s:I'm hunting for a new job..sumwhere in kl plsssss.....

Monday, February 26, 2007

xoxoxoxo..Emmil dah 2 bulan !!!

These are my latest piccas..dah baik demam dah nie...ready nak pegi jalan2 dah hehehe...enjoy !!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saya demam... :-(

Emmil demam for the last 2 days. However his ped said it wasn't that bad. Just a slight fever.Kata org2 tua kalo demam means dia nak pandai buat something. Hopefully it is true.Wonder apa la dia nak pandai buat. Mommy dia rasa dia nak boleh meniarap kot :-D Do pray for Emmil's speedy recovery kay !!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

New comic book in Town!!!

Ira made these after she, dedicool and lil' Mia visited me was soooooooo cool okay... :-D haaa..wajah ibu2 yg bocor perut kena potong and wajah2 babies yg keluar dengan belanja yg cukup mahal... kekekeke..selamat company cover kan ira !!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Birthday

Since it was my birthday last 2 days, mommy dgn baik hatinya kasi can keluar la..alang2 dah dpt green light, we paid a visit to Queensbay mall giler kay bau supermarket...lama woooo terkurung kat umah pantang nyer pasal...dahla ada ira..dedicool and mia..our first outing together as parents gitewww..luckily emmil behaved like a gud boy..titon je keja dia..kalo camnie, next time mommy can take you again la emmil..but then my self esteem decreased a bit laa apabila bersemuka dgn org mak kan buncit...ntah bila aaa nak mengempis..

MNG had their clearance sale and mommy sgt suka tis particular pants..malang skali tak berani beli memandangkan tak tau waist size yg sebenarnya nanti..terpaksala memendam rasa buat sementara waktu...and noon just now, mommy gi be on the safe side..mommy suruh tailor buat guna getah kat kain baju kurung hehehe...hopefully i'll loose some weight in 2 weeks time...cukur jambul Emmil time tuh!!!!

haaa..lagi satu..adalah sedikit saiko when some of my relatives called Emmil Emmilio...igt Emelio Estevez ke..????

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sesekali ku rasa....

iskk...semenjak menjadik mak budak nih...tetiba terasa mcm.."kan best kalo jadik doktor kanak2" ..yelah..kita bg kanak2 baik dari sakit..dtg jumpa kita moyok jek but after makan ubat kita bagi..dah sihat..senyum lovely...i know it is impossible to achieve such desire looking at current circumstances.."too little too late"...mcm si Jojo nyanyi aaa...but deep at heart rasa mcm regret for not having a particular job yg boleh mendatangkan pahala u know..besides menjadi cikgu la kan..sia2 anak org kena tibai nanti....

last time i did have the opportunity to pursue medical field but then i have to be in UKM. Being such a naive punya budak that time..such opportunity was indeed not taken into consideration at all..padahal susah payah parents mencarik cable sebesar alam so that i can be a medical student..mcm time tuh pikir "tak kosa aku nak tgk darah2 nie semua"...kang ada yg tersaiko masa blaja..

now kalo pk blk..iskk kan best kalo ikut ckp parents harituh..blaja penat sket but pahala byk..but then on second thought..if i did continue my study in UKM..jumpa ke si nud tersayang kekekeke...jangan marah aaa peeps *pis to all....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2 weeks being a mom

Well, it is quite a tough job but lucky me to have sayang around. He felt akward at first but slowly sayang menjadi begitu cekap. tukar lampin..kasi bb mandi laaa..basuhkan berak hehehe..tima kacih aaa sayang!! and now that sayang already in kl, my mom took the turn menjaga cucu since i'm not 100% recovered. adala rasa mcm gigit2 semut kat area caesar tuh. Hopefully in few days to come evrything will turn alright.

2 weeks as a mom..i've identified some of my son's characteristics which some of them found it funny :-D

1) Penggeli Nauzubillah..kalo berak or overflow mmg nangis aaa..delay sket takleh..tak kasi can..nangis mcm kena pukul..panick mak..yer ah..kang org igt kena dera plak

2) Minum susu dgn kadar yg begitu kerap.mmg anak laki minum banyak ke??? ini sume dia belasah..formula milk..susu badan..air suam..tadek aa timing minum every 2 hours..rasa mcm every 1/2 hour jek..penat ah..but then ok gak..leh kurus cepat sket kot hehehee

3) akan menjelirkan lidahnya tatkala tok sp mengajak blk sp..iskk..noti nih..mak tak ajar kay..dia sendiri mom baru jek realized smalam.. :-D

4) Suka mandi..senyum2 gitu..nanti mummy bawak gi swimming kay

5) Tido meniarap kalo suka angkat kepala tinggi..perasan kuat ah tuh..owh..he started to lift up his head on the 4th day after he was borned..cepatkan..

6) Suka pancut bila nenek dia tukar pampers..haaaa..pecah record tak penah kena lagik nih..daddy dia dah kena byk kali dah...

itu je lah kot so far...