Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nanny's Convo

haaaaa...see bb..nanny pun convo..meaning nanti bb pun kena study hard..jadi somebody intellectual..Aminnnnnn..Well, adding to my mom's collection of special moments..her convocation day in UNISEL. She's now 47 years old and yet still in high spirit to further her studies..salute lah kat mommy!!! Even your aunties pun sibuk2 nak pakai the robe..ambik berkat ah tuh..:-D

Dedi had left france for London.He already comes to the end of his study trip and thus he'll be back in 4 days!!!! syoknyaaa...yeay..! yeay...! leh tgk apa dedi beli for mommy and baby..!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mommy's new hobby

I'm currently reading this book. A very good friend of mine gave it to me. She said it was very good for first time mother...I've read like 30 pages already and I really adore the content..easy to understand and yet filled with lotsa baby pics...comell gilerrr..Owh..besides that,i do read the D70 manual as well..ntah bila ah nak tunggu tedroz ajar nih..some sort of preparation before my bb arrives..nanti mommy terer aaa tangkap gambar bb!!!..click! click!...

My hippo exposed it's sexy buttock last nite..tunjuk sexy plak..Ermmmm...I'd better get a small hippo for my bb..nanti takderlah mommy n bb rebut the same hippo ye dak hehehe :-D Pening dedi hehehe...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back to the office..

I'm backkk..!!! after 2 days missing from the office..bukan ponteng ah..in fact I'm working from home..this is due to the urine infection i had..doc ckp sebab tak minum air byk..yup..yup..yup! mmg lately tak minum byk..i do realize that..i've been swamped by all the urgent stuff in the office so, minum bila sempat jer la..inilah akibatnya.. :-( my fever also not 100% gone..pakai socks kat office..sbb rasa sejokk..i'm high on drugs!!! banyak gila ubat doc kasik..tomorrow kena gi clinic tuh blk for another urine test..if still tak lawas then i have to take another type of medicine which is more powerful..adeihhh...

enuff rantings bout that...anyway..my sayang is coming back this coming 23rd sept..yeayyyyyyyyy..bestnyaaa...he managed to exchange his flight tix..tak sabar nyaaa tunggu sayang balik!!!! i want to apply for leave..i know it's like very very near to Ramadhan..people dont usually go for holiday during Ramadhan BUT..nak cuti gak..maybe 2-3 days..pegi jalan..jom sayang!!!!...

Eh..besok 15th sept...muahahahha...first half punya gaji masuk...yeayyyyyyyyy...alaaa..byr hutang :-(

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Congratsss Ted and Ira...!!!!!

This morning I received the sms that i've awaited for so looooooooooooooong..!!!! I was expecting it the latest by last night hehehe... " It's a girl..cute like dedi dia ah " hehehe...Ted wrote..I was soooo happy...excited..I just wish i could be there as well...to share the Moment..Mia Aishah...i hope the spelling is correct..is the baby's name..lovely name..and i'm sure she'll grow up to be a lovely girl as well..just like her mummy hehehe..oklah...mcm dedi dia gok hehehe..

As for Ira, she's still resting..maybe i'll give a her a call tonight..or maybe tomorrow..Well Ira and Ted...Congratsssss again..!!!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ira..Leen doa kat Ira..!!!

Captured during my wedding at Nud's place on 4th Dec 05 together with Ira n Ted. They just got married 2 weeks earlier!!!

Ira..my uni mate..in fact she played very important role in my relationship with Nud. She was the one who provided me with Nud's mobile number since Ted Sancho her hubby stayed together with my hubby during Uni days kat Fasa 4 Tambahan tue laa..Jasamu dikenang ah Ira..:-D

At the moment, she is going through labour pain in Pantai Hospital, Bangsar. Called Ted and he said Ira is not having any contraction yet. Therefore I gave Ira a call. She sounded like normal..Hail to the future mummy...!!! You're such a brave mummy to be lah Ira...I can't imagine myself in your shoes..Oh Gawd!!! My time will come in 3 months time..Ya Allah..permudahkan lah segala-galanya nanti...Aminnnnnn

In the meantime..I just want you to know..Leen doakan yang terbaik untuk Ira..sempena hari yang berkat nih..Nisfu Syaaban..Allah permudahkan semuanya untuk Ira and also Ted Sancho..i'm eagerly waiting for Ted's msg about the birth of their bundle of joy..!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

University of Cambridge

I guess it's back to school for Mr.Nud in Cambridge hehehe..Look at this pic..Oklah..nampak sihat cukup makan..Alhamdulillah...kalau dedi tak cukup makan then alarm mummy aaa..hantar maggi satu dozen :-D bb..dedi suh jadik Engineer tuh..tapi mummy suka aa bb jadik pilot..dedi ckp masuk Trinity college, Cambridge.That college dah produce 151 noble prize winner. Jangan jadik mcm Uncle Ted dah..tak abih2 dengan sancho..stretchy pants dia..

Since the currency rate is too high , i have no plan asking nud to buy so much things for me...kalau tukar RM1k then u'll only get 185 pound..that is equivalent to 7.02 now...memula teringin gak ah nak pesan mcm2 hehehe...but at last pesan bj baby jek..itu pun kalau the price is affordable...okeh dedi..nanti tangkap gambar lagi kay!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dear bb

Dedi is currently on plane to Heathrow airport..ermmmm..mummy starts missing dedi already since last night even before dedi left for KLIA. Apa Dedi pesan kat bb? mummy heard dedi suruh bb jaga mummy ek..how sweet...well, dedi mmg sweet sgt...wish that bb knows how dedi jaga mummy and bb...nanti bila keluar say thanks to dedi kay..jangan naughty2 dengan dedi..tak baik..dedi dah banyak sacrifice for both of us..slalu doa kan dedi kay bb..so that he'll find success and happiness in everything he does!!!

pstttt: dedi will be coming back only in a month time...what suprise shall mummy prepare for dedi ek?

Saturday, September 02, 2006