Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My First Raya as a mom and 2nd raya as wiffy

Selamat Hari Raya everybody !!! :-> :-> This year hari raya was the 1st one for Emmil...borne in december 2006, he only sempat to celebrate the Raya Haji last year. After few discussion with the husband, we decided that the theme color for our small family is grey/silver. I got Emmil a readymade grey baju melayu melayu plus a very nice samping as complement. The outfit really fits on him like glove. Songkok was sponsored by his toklang..belom posa lagik dah dapat..sgtlah excited my uncle tuh... As for daddy, a readymade baju melayu too from First Lady..lawa2 gak ah collection dia..but only in Jalan TAR nyer outlet...as for myself, baju raya yang last minute baru siap from my usual tailor..selamat sempat :->

This year raya was the 2nd raya i celebrated as husband and wife...and my 1st time to raya in padang besar..husband's kampung...few days before raya i was feeling lil bit nervous wondering how it would be to be apart from my own family for the first time during raya...kot la meraung ke apa..u know the agony of being homesick...to my amazement, it wasn't that bad u see...i was so lepak layan'ing his family.. 8-) 8-)

As for emmil, i feel u my baby..he was bitten by apa ntah for 3 days consecutively.. :-S :-S the first one was on his back...the next one on his thigh and lately at the back of his knee..all of them turned into blisters in few days time...it was heartbreaking to see the scars...but alhamdulillah he recovers speedily and the scars gradually subsides...

all in all...it was a blast hari raya in padang besar :-D
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My 2nd McDreamy hehe

aaaaa...i dont understand why i always have crush on doctors..last night at my home, all eyes were glued the tv. At channel 588 astro there was the live telecast on the 1st Malaysia angkasawan blasts off to the orbit..gilerrr cool huh...and the luckiest person in malaysia is dr sheikh muzaphar..my instict told me that he's gonna get it as early as they presented us with the final 10 candidates. come on laa..malaysia pun ada taste jugak..he got style...and i really envy his red tie...he was always in that tie...owh with that i plan to get nud the red tie as well hehehe....this sheikh is gonna be the icon...sure enuff his face gonna be published in buku2 budak sekolah rendah n menengah...takkanla..nak tunjuk our 1st astronout mcm muka bangla constructions right.
salute to him for his bravery. was talking to my mom while watching the launching.."mummy, kalau anak mummy is the chosen one, would u give ur blessings? " mummy replied " iskkk takmaulaa...lom tentu dia blk selamat...takmau laa mummy hilang anak " me " eh ok per...besok bolehla mummy brag around..anak den nie haa..baru balik angkaso...mano ado anak org lain laieee yg dapek gi sano " my mom " iskk budak nih "...rileks laa mummy..in the world nowdays, people always brag about their children success...owh baru balik oversea lah hapa...but to this sheikh parents they have move 1 level ahead..his son just came back from the galaxy...mcm dalam citer star wars lak kan...power!!!! but then peggy whitson tuh lagi laaa dasyat..she's the commander..and she actually gonna stay there for at least 2 months..perghhhh....pompuan tuuuuu.....
as i admire him sooo much for his bravery..ya right...more on his looks actually and not forgetting that he is a doctor...my sistas mentioned about how sheikh and beckham actually share something in common. before i can came up with anything specific..my sis just spilled it out loud..suara dia halus aa kak leen...tak proportionate with his body la....yeker haaa..tak penah dgr lak dia ckp...takper lah later when he comes back..i'll steal some time to have dinner at rebung bangsar. hopefully my luck...leh laaa tgk dier hehehe...dream on leen....pandai lebih aa budak2 nih....lantakla..

excerpt from the star :

He spent his time reading the Quran and conducting sembahyang hajat, and calling his family and loved one.<---who's the lucky girl heh..sure kembang hidung lepas nih..ada chance jadik datin aaa...

credits to mstar for these pictures

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm officially a makcik..call me aunty plsssss will ya Airil...

My cuz just gave birth to an adorable little boy last 2 days. managed to steal sometime after berbuka to visit her. she had undergone a c-section ..totally sedated...on General Anesthetic (GA)....the only diff between me and her is...i was totally awake during the session and was on epidural...the miracle of science...as a very2 penakut person on earth...believe me, it just hurt a bit..still bearable for me....

but to see her in pain yesterday was a different scenario ...during my time i smiled even b4 i was brought out from the OT after i saw my sayang. my both legs were numb but that did not distract me from being me...the usual chatterbox..but my cuz is fa ar cry . she complained over the pain. she felt like coughing all the way but too afraid that it might hurt the wound. trust me it'll hurt and u never want to laugh also cause it hurts so bad. from my so called experience...all u can do is to control the way u cough, sneeze and laugh.....instead of coughing u may try to just ehhemmm...ehemmmm...at least u accomplish the coughing process by 50%..if u feel like laughing hard due to the lame jokes ur families make...just smile widely and flaunt ur teeth...hehehe...so the sensation of laughing madly will eventually subside by 50% also..u'll feel relief........i dunno whether it worked for her but it did on me....Well, that's the downside of having a c-section by going through GA..for those who plan on having a c-section, do try on epi..is not as creepy/fearful as u imagine being awake during the operation. u wont feel a thing. besides, don't u want to feel how your baby being pulled out from ur enormous tummy and not to mention ur baby's first cry????

the highlights of this entry is not just the agony my cuz has to go through but also the baby's name. While the elevator still moving towards the 2nd floor i threw this Q to my aunty " makcik..baby nama apa ? my aunty replied " tak tau laa..but the last time i heard they planned for Muhammad Airil Izwan " ...my jaw dropped, so as my mom's and sisters...IZWAN !!!! then all of us started laughing. by the way IZWAN is actually my hubby's middle name MOHD IZWAN NUZAIHAN. dalam byk2 name kat donia nih..apa ke IZWAN jugak menjadi pilihan ? As i arrived in the ward, " yeen, apa nama baby hang nih " yeen replied " Muhammad Airil Izwan " ermmmm sah..confirm laa Izwan mmg ada...called up my hubby told about it and guess how he responded " haaaaaa..confirm dah baby to handsome besok "......ok..end of story..malas nak comment. happy fasting peeps..ada lagik 2 hari !!!!!!!!!!!

as for the baby's pic..i have them on my hp. but i couldnt use my card reader as the memory card is too tiny.i need to launch a search party then to look after the cable. Cheers!