Monday, August 27, 2007

At last...a well working handphone !!

Folks, i got a new phone yesterday. After comtemplating for days whether or not to have it, there u go a new Nokia 6300. Reason for having it, i got Emmil's saliva all over my old phone which made the phone to hang all the time and to shut down on its own.No reason. Since the ca ya nun alip agreed to trade in my phone for rm350, i better took up the chance before it becomes a useless piece of junk. I was reluctant at first as it was a wedding gift from my hubby but he was the one persuading me to let it go. He sed is not the phone that really matters, is the thoughts. Tapi sebenarnya budget tadek kekeke...i do plan to get a new phone but not to soon...was eyeing on E65. Simple and slim.I like.Tak mampu. Had to let it go frpm the list since i need to top up additional rm1200 for that. banyak tuh !!! but i'm more than satisfied to have a phone that really works and doesn't hang mcm gilerrr...Well, there u go...with additional rm500 i got this slim telco aids...very sexy...! wish my tummy is as slim as this nokia :-D

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Many Ways My Child tries to avoid bedtime/naptime

Hello peeps !

Thanks Ira for tagging me ! without you my blog will slowly be sinking in the sea :-D So many things happened but I couldn’t find the right words to start with. Then I decided to keep everything at heart even though it is scratching high and low asking me to spill it out to you guys.

The Many Ways My Child tries to avoid bedtime/naptime...... Ermmmm I think I can come out with few

1) Emmil will start rolling on his back whenever I bait him with milk to make him sleep
2) He would ‘garu’ his head and in fact the entire body that his little cute fingers can reach
3) Making funny sounds while clutching his fists very tightly together..ala2 incerdible hulk laa konon
4) The very effective grin he makes that never fails to make me ‘gomol’ him kekekeke…confirm2 aa tak tido kan..geram tgk gigi 2 batang tuh
5) Raise up his hands as if crying for help whenever he sees his nenek, tok dedi or my sisters sambil buat muka sedih dan mulut sebut “amma….amma “

That’s all that I can think of at the moment. With that, I’m tagging Newrin since she’s the only friends that really update her blog :-D