Friday, March 24, 2006

Hari Minggu Datang lg...

Yeayyy...dah Friday...!!! as usual, I stop doing my work already hehe..not in the mood of doing my routine work anymore.Let's get it done on Monday shall we? I'm quite excited sbb besok dah cuti but apparently to know that I will only be seeing nud on Sunday is really a turn off. He'll be in Pangkor for the rest of the NO!!!!..until Sunday morning..but weekend is wasted...damn..!!! Should I be going to Pangkor as well? apa ada dgn pangkor island.Thelast time I was there when I was 15..yelah..ikut rombongan skolah...nothing special though.I remember bringing udang kering..sotong kering..segala yang keringlah balik rumah kasik my mom...tak payah la pegi..i'll wait till nud datang penang on Sunday tue.
Enuff about how-the-hell I'm going to spend my weekend without my darling around. EH..tak penah tgk my cube lagi to those people who read my blog (if there's any since I never bother telling my friends I've been updating my entries in here ) is my cube...but obviously tak lawa gilaaa due to the fact I'm moving to a new building in 3 weeks time. So, ke laut lah semua barang 2 yang tak pekdah...!!! Ada sket je lg nk kemas so hang on to my luxury and exquisite cube in future updates..!!!!By the way dekat laptop tue ada 3 ringgit je..byk tue je lah yg ada kat my purse currently..sedeyy...jgnlah atm machine kat bawah nie out of service..nayo den!!!!

Laptop yang digunakan untuk update blog n chatting dgn para sahabat

My life saver..semasa kebuluran di akhir bulan

Monday, March 20, 2006

Cake yang lazat

Had our simple Q1 Birthday Celeb today..This is the cake I bought...berjaya jugak aku membeli fruit cake!!!!
biasa ah nk bodek boss hehehe
very rich in cream lah this cake...manyak sedappp!!!
These are not 100% all the-pelapis-penyamuns borned in Q1'2006 :-)Penyamun sebenar tak nak menonjokan diri...hiding his big fat ass behind the doors kekekeke...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mari bersuka-ria

Last week sempat gi Matta fare. Booked hotel for the Jakarta trip.Not that cheap mmkayy...we got to pay RM1.7k for 3 nights stay.. for 2 couples.So, kira2 dalam RM425 aa per pax for the 3 nights...I can get cheaper rate tapi jalan dgn in law takkan nk duk hotel ciput kot hehehe...ikutkan hati belasah je duk 3 star hotel yg satu bilik 90 hengget ke...3 malam baru 270 hengget...ala..nk tido jer pun..siang2 sure dah berjalan sakan..
Pegi kenduri shah kawin..actually mamat nie 2nd photographer masa aku dgn nud kawen.excited nkgi kenduri dia sebab nk tgk la photographer kawin sapa ambik gambar...believe it or not...dia jugak yg nak ambik gambar kitorang...dey shah..saper yg kawin nih...?? pueh kitorang remind dia ko tue pengantin shah...duduk sopan2 sket..bak sini camera tuh kitorang capture..yerlah ..takder la selawa dia ambik kan..maybe sebab tue lah kot..dia nakgak berkepit dgn camera dia..bini dia pun dia buat dek jek muahahahaha...
I got this rumours saying that my best friend is having their "zaman gelap perkahwinan". Ada 3rd party lah apa lg...and to my suprise...betina gila yg kacau laki dia tuh is younger than us...umo 23 rasanya...come on la...have a life..takkan desperate sgt kot sampai nk kena carik laki sale betul...uterus tue pun belum tentu leh guna aaa...bodo...production system pun tak complete lagi...mati je cepat..masuk neraka terus..dah namanya pun buat maksiat tue tempah neraka kan..kan..kan...
My dept is having the Q1 Burfday Celebration tomorrow and my task is undeniably the utmost important...Beli cake cake no burfday celebration lor...but i have this dilemma..i am indeed an avid fan of secret recipe but to my suprise..this time they want this fruit cake yang boleh dapat di kedai-kedai ca ya nun alif kebanyakan...what the &^%^$%^$%$...I have my burfday in Q1 as well..I have the dept money and i have the rights to decide what cake i want for tomorrow...and if only i bawak the fruit cake tomorrow adalah bukan kerana untuk memenuhi selera tekak kawan2 opis yang lain MELAINKAN HANYALAH....SOLELY UNTUK membodek my manager yg asyik duk hint nak cake tuh since SGM meeting that day..well,focal time is just around the corner...I want to please her till the last bit ah ...petrol price has increased la..takkan gaji tak naik kot...melampau...!!!!!..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Lust:Very High

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Did this quiz while waiting for my meeting at 3.30pm....The result was unexpected u know...see for urself... :-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gaji...oh gaji....

Previously my kancil comsumed RM40 for a full tank in a week. I wonder how much it costs now due to the recent increase of petrol price..??? Damn...there goes my plan to have a new car ( 2nd hand actually hehe ). Bubbye PFU 7426..Bubbye my love...isk...isk... To spend more than 60 bucks a week on a 850cc car...tak mampu den nk beli keta 2000cc.....I bet it will cost me triple the current amount punya...Terpaksa ah tahan all my cravings towards everything I need at the moment. At least sampai gaji aku naik..well, ntah bila ah that will happen...*sigh..

**I wish I know how to ride bike**