Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I never Complain - Dato' Azhar Mansor

Praise to him but I'm no Angel !!!

I do complain when :

1) The tudung I'm wearing kemik2 ( this happened when salah iron actually !!!)

2) Somebody is not punctual ( Menyampah aku kalau org lambat )

3) The food is not Yummy after u've waited like forever to taste the food

4) No Parking Lot in KHTP !!!..I hate this soooooo muchhh...I hate walking for such a long distance in the morning...i don't need to burn my calories that much u know..

5) When the ATM machine is not working while I'm so miskin papa kedana ada dua posen jer dlm purse...dulu masa student takder lak mcm nie..

6) I gave the toll lady 50 bucks for RM1.30 nyer toll..Confirm dia bengang ah coz she ended up giving me RM48.70 in i RM1 note...what the TUTTTTTT !!!!

7) I already lock the and gate and feeling happy to get to work when suddenly I realize I haven't check whether the iron is still switched on or off...Thanks to my dad for making me paranoid after my neighbour's house got burnt because they did not switched off the iron after using it.

8) I Switch On the ignition key just to find out my car is running outta fuel. (Selalu lak tuh but i thought i'm driving the most less consumption fuel car in Malaysia..!!)

9) I'm eating and some stupid idiot moron still having gutts to smoke. Busuklah..korang igt asap rokok tue wangi...!!! I wish u'll be diagnose with the bloody cancer..die happily and rot in HELL...!!!!!

10) ada makcik2 tegur " dah besar dah " well..mmg aa dah besar....takkan 10 tahun tak jumpa duk besar2 tue jugak...itu retarded nama dia makcik..

11) I wake up in the morning just to find out IT IS MONDAYYYY MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!..i just hate monday..can it be renamed???? ..SUckiiiDay is LOVELY...

12) I'm being compelled to lie just to cover my fiends asses..I wont do that already..That's gonna be my 2006 Resolution besides having a child of my own laaa..hahahahaha

13)I'm swamped with work ^%^&$&*^^*%..!!!!!

14)I have no work at all having said i've done them now..!! I'm so bored...!!!!!! I dunno wht to do so here I am writing this CRAP..!!!!

That's all for the time brain doesn't wanna work witk me anymore...There's actually more... TO BE CONTINUED

P/S: Specially to Jaemy..Thanks alot for the Butter Steak..Nice ride with WJK..!!!!
For Mok <--camnie ker eja..Nice knowing ya..!!!
Shah, I'll come out with a creative idea for yer dinner kay...!

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Sayang...I love u...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heard this song for the first time and fell in love with it...!!!

When u Say U Love Me - Josh Groban

Like the sound of silence calling,
I hear your voice and suddenly
I'm falling, lost in a dream.
Like the echoes of our souls are meeting,
You say those words and my heart stops beating.
I wonder what it means.
What could it be that comes over me?
At times I can't move.
At times I can hardly breathe.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there's no one else alive

You're the one I've always thought of.
I don't know how, but I feel sheltered in your love.
You're where I belong.
And when you're with me if I close my eyes,
There are times I swear I feel like I can fly
For a moment in time.
Somewhere between the Heavens and Earth ,
And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words.

And this journey that we're on.
How far we've come and I celebrate every moment.
And when you say you love me,
That's all you have to say.
I'll always feel this way.
When you say you love me.
Do you know how I love you?

**Apsal tetiba jiwang nih ??? **

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Had this conversation few days back :

Her : Hello..can i speak to Miss Edleen
Me : Yes, speaking
Her : Hi...I'm caliing from ****** Agency. This is regarding your trip to Bali. I would like to confirm the details of your bookings .
Me : Excellent
Her : Can i have your Flight No. please
Me : AK900
Her : ok...18900
Me : is A..K..900...Australia Karachi 900
Her : *long silence*
Me : Hello...hello
Her : Err...miss...Australia ? Karachi? i thought you're going to Bali miss Edleen
Me : Hahahaha...(evil laughter)

I admit..I'm bad..but the laughter just came out of nowhere...Hahahahah...

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Silent Prayers....

Zacky...kami doa hangpa dpt keja cepat..lepas tue hangpa takleh ambik cuti hahaha..terseksa 6 months..time tue kami lak nak ambik cuti's been 4 months already...2 months 2 go...NAK AMBIK CUTI !!!!!! arghhhhh
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