Friday, March 14, 2008

Sangap di KLIA

sitting alone in front of KFC dgn mata merah sbb allergy...sama kaler dgn baju sendiri merah dia. Surfing the net....dah bersawang dah ni !! apsal lambat sgt masa jalan....2 more hours to go...*sigh.....

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Humble friends, i would like to really ( 1000x) apologize for saying this. I am cancelling my plan to sell Emmil's shoes ( earlier entry ) due to my mom's request. My mom has this sentimental urge about things like these. She forbids me to sell emmil's shoes as she considered them as very precious and worth treasured . Even until now she still keeps my first shoes ( several of them actually :-D) and to my suprise my 2 piece bikini also hahaha..dah 27 years fellas !!! true enuff, i cant stop smiling when i saw those things..terasa cute tiba2 hahaha...
but then no worries, i still have another shoe to let a in color..will post the picture soon. yg nih my mom tak object lak nak jual..maybe sbb dia tak nampak sgt pun emmil pakai ehehehe..tapi emmil pun sempat pakai 3x jek pastu tak muat dah !@

chupp..korang nak tak stroller?