Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jadik I tell yewwwww :-D

Before tgk cupcakes and muffin yg mummy buat..tgk Emmil dulu aaaa.....penat pose pakai bunga nih
POsing side ways lak hehehe....

Emmil nak enterframe gok aaa...Well, u'll always be my little cuppa cake darling ;-D

My colorful cupcakes tapi design ntah apa2...

Blue berry muffin...

First attempt baking muffin and cupcakes jadik !!! Tgkla..tgkla...although adala flaws here and there but who least I've tried .. !

Friday, March 23, 2007

Agak2 menjadi tak?

I'm sooooo gonna test my skill in baking. I did baked cakes before but of course with the help from my mom. Never done that on my own EXCEPT if i used all this adunan cake instant aaaa...tapi sedap jugakla benda2 instant nih...So, my plan for this weekend issssssssss........making cup cakes !!!! I already found the recipe for the cake and also the toppings. What I need to do now is to shop for all the ingredients *I like this part so much!....Bibik akan dtg rumah mengemas rumah, my little Emmil will be taken care by his nenek...Nud will only arrive at 10.30pm on saturday nite...wohooo..folks...I have the whole saturday morning till nite for myself...yeeehaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! No pic for this entry as I will only upload it IF and only IF my cupcake itu menjadi dgn sifat2 yang sgt comeyyyy...dan terliur untuk dimakan...:-D
Reason for doing this is to mempersiapkan diri setelah menjadi mak budak..teringin laaa later hantar cup cakes kat skolah Emmil..cehh..bila tanya sapa buat..Emmil jawab my mommy !...alangkah bestnyaaaa....*berangan di pagi Jumaat

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Moment

Two 'bestest' friends of mine got hitched last 2 weeks. One got engaged and the other one got married to the love of their lives. Both of them were super gorgeous, clad in lavish purple and turqoise outfits. I was overjoyed to see them grinning the whole time during their Big Day. Not forgetting to their other halves. You guys look undeniably handsome :-D This entering-new-phase-in life is actually so much fun. Been there and done that..To Zinnia & Paktam and Hunny & Arbok..Congratulations from us......Have a wonderful years ahead !!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Should i ?

I'm in dilemma peeps..although this is far cry from life and death but still...i cant make up my mind..It is about Emmil strollers..i got 3 of them currently which neither of them cost a penny to me but still I cant help myself from planning to get another stroller for Emmil. This time, i'll have the chance to choose the design..the color and all according to my desire BUT this particular stroller that i'm eyeing on will dig a big hole in my pocket..adoilaaa parah betull...let me see my expenditure forcast for the next couple of months.

Need to book hotel for my Bandung trip - March RM400

Babah's Birthday - March RM300 ( beli kan shirt oklah kot kan )

Kakak's Birthday - March RM200 ( bagi cash )

Intel's team building - April RM100 ( buat beli sayur C.Highland)

Adik's Birthday - April RM200 ( bagi cash )

Hubby's Birthday - April RM400 ( Igt nak belikan kasut )

Damai Laut trip - April RM300 ( consider bday present for nud )

Parent's Anniversary - May RM300 ( belanja dinner )

Bandung Trip - June RM1.5k (blanja beli bj sendiri+baby)

Road tax & Insurance - July RM3.3k (ini yg paling parah)




SEE! in 4 months to come i'll be spending that much money for something that is outside from my monthly expenditure..bagaimanakah itu..? looks like there's no space for my pocket to include this "mahal-punya-stroller" cian Emmil.. :-( On the other hand..adakah ada peluang aku untuk membodek para atuk bagi mendapatkan stroller yang turut menjadi idaman ira ini????

Friday, March 09, 2007

Back To Work

*yawn..after 77 days and I'm back in the office feeling totally lost..apa benda diorang buat nih..i know this re-entry will take time..lupa abih all the applications and their functions..rasa mcm baru masuk keja plak..terkulat-kulat sorang2 duk main2 dgn system..i miss my long leave..

lepak gila + gaji masuk = sgt hepi..

That's how the equation goes. Sapa nak rasa mcm tuh haaaaaaaaa cepat2 la membiak hehehehe..*yawn again..

p/s:I'm hunting for a new job..sumwhere in kl plsssss.....