Friday, March 14, 2008

Sangap di KLIA

sitting alone in front of KFC dgn mata merah sbb allergy...sama kaler dgn baju sendiri merah dia. Surfing the net....dah bersawang dah ni !! apsal lambat sgt masa jalan....2 more hours to go...*sigh.....

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Humble friends, i would like to really ( 1000x) apologize for saying this. I am cancelling my plan to sell Emmil's shoes ( earlier entry ) due to my mom's request. My mom has this sentimental urge about things like these. She forbids me to sell emmil's shoes as she considered them as very precious and worth treasured . Even until now she still keeps my first shoes ( several of them actually :-D) and to my suprise my 2 piece bikini also hahaha..dah 27 years fellas !!! true enuff, i cant stop smiling when i saw those things..terasa cute tiba2 hahaha...
but then no worries, i still have another shoe to let a in color..will post the picture soon. yg nih my mom tak object lak nak jual..maybe sbb dia tak nampak sgt pun emmil pakai ehehehe..tapi emmil pun sempat pakai 3x jek pastu tak muat dah !@

chupp..korang nak tak stroller?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby Guess for sale

Baby guess cream color top
Age 4/5 years old
Material : cotton
RM35 including postage

Baby Guess Green top ( Sold to Lina )

For age 4/5 years

Material : Cotton

RM35 including postage

Baby Guess Pink Dress ( sold To Nurin )

Size: 3-4 years old ( i think 2 years old dah lepas with this size. not that big )

Cottom material with velvet marron ribbons

RM40 including postage

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things up for sale

The Brand : Adidas
Length : 13 cm
The Brand : BABY GAP
Length : 12 cm

The Brand : Adidas
Length : 12 cm

These are all Emmil's shoes. I need to let them go since they didn't fit Emmil's feet anymore. Plus, my baby's cupboard is almost full so the idea of keeping them for the 2nd one seems impossible. All of them are still in a very good condition. Well taken care of and without any stains. I'm letting them go for for a very2 cheap price. Please waterfall to your friends ya ! Leave me a msg if u're interested.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Fever...fever go away...

Emmil was supposed to get a jab today. So, both of us arrived at the Gomen ( government ) clinic as early as 7.30am just to make sure that we were the 1st in line. Yup, we were the 1st one to arrive. While waiting for the nurses to be prepared I felt Emmil’s forehead is getting warmer..wondering if Emmil was down with fever mommy quickly seek help from the nurse. She kindly took Emmil’s temp and yup my baby is down with fever. His temp was almost 39 degrees at the moment of time. Owh boy…with Emmil having fever he cant afford to take the jab. Mommy asked for a new appointment date and later after that both of us arrived at mommy’s panel clinic. Luckily before leaving our home, I managed to feed Emmil with Paracetemol. Konon this will help Emmil not to fall sick after that laa..tapi mcm mana nih..lum kena jab dah demam..aiseyyy…by the time we arrived at the other clinic, Emmil’s temp had subsided to normal. I bet that the medicine had taken effects. No complacency of course. Mommy needs to make sure that Emmil recovers speedily insyaAllah..or else mommy will cancel her short trip next week. Period.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Emmil is a big guy now !

The picture above says it all. can u see the writings??? is actually and invitation to my cikonet's 1st bday party. it feels just like yesterday when i first cuddled him in my arms and everything turned perfect eversince. How akward it was to bfeed him and to bath him the first time hehehe...the feelings were undescribable and i was smitten with every movements he made. In fact, every milestone he reaches is a celebration to the family. We are so proud of you Emmil !!!
Mommy and daddy pray to God for all the happiness in the world to you and so that you'll be anak yang soleh and berjaya di dunia dan akhirat. May Allah blessed you with all the love in the world InsyaAllah. so, All of you reading this is invited..see ya..!
My Little Guy will turn 1 year old this 26th December 2007. I already bought him a pre birthday present. same goes with his nenek :-D i have ordered his birthday cake and today i need to see the caterer. I plan to have a small birthday party with friends and neighbours coming in. Nothing fancy. No clowns or music. Just balloons and simple decor to tok dedi's house.Hopefully all my plans work ! Aminnnnnn....