Monday, January 14, 2008

Fever...fever go away...

Emmil was supposed to get a jab today. So, both of us arrived at the Gomen ( government ) clinic as early as 7.30am just to make sure that we were the 1st in line. Yup, we were the 1st one to arrive. While waiting for the nurses to be prepared I felt Emmil’s forehead is getting warmer..wondering if Emmil was down with fever mommy quickly seek help from the nurse. She kindly took Emmil’s temp and yup my baby is down with fever. His temp was almost 39 degrees at the moment of time. Owh boy…with Emmil having fever he cant afford to take the jab. Mommy asked for a new appointment date and later after that both of us arrived at mommy’s panel clinic. Luckily before leaving our home, I managed to feed Emmil with Paracetemol. Konon this will help Emmil not to fall sick after that laa..tapi mcm mana nih..lum kena jab dah demam..aiseyyy…by the time we arrived at the other clinic, Emmil’s temp had subsided to normal. I bet that the medicine had taken effects. No complacency of course. Mommy needs to make sure that Emmil recovers speedily insyaAllah..or else mommy will cancel her short trip next week. Period.

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