Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Emmil Eusoff Nuzaihan

My Life is Complete....!!!

I dunno how to describe it..it was all worth it..the sufferings..the pain..it is too beautiful to be described with words.... :-D

Name :Emmil Eusoff Nuzaihan B. Mohd Izwan Nuzaihan
Weight : 3.5kg
Lenght : 53cm
Date of Birth : 26 December 2006
Arrival time : 7.45pm

Saturday, December 16, 2006

BLom..Not yet....

As mentioned above, yes..my baby tak keluar lagi !!!! isk..isk...9 days left... berat okay !!!! My sayang is currently soooo excited waiting for his Jr to pop out..pantang ckp sakit perut je terus muka excited dia keluar...padahal sakit perut nak terberon kekekeke....

Monday, December 04, 2006

BBcot has arrived..!!!!

I always wanted a white bbcot for my bb..Thanks to my aunty and uncle or soon to be TokCiks for making my dream comes true..yeayyyy!!!!! I guess everything is ready now, just counting days for our bb to arrive ;-)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Doakan saya jadik pompuan kuat boleh???

The Transformation
Well, it’s nice to see how sayang slowly transforms from being a wonderful husband to become a future lovely daddy. Previously we used to address ourselves by other names but now we slowly shifted to daddy and mummy. We just can’t wait for the arrival of our little bundle of joy. He’s gonna be the symbol of our sacred love and sincerity.

What I fear the most
Hearts cannot lie. I’m so freak out right now. My time is just around the corner. Mix feelings prevailed. I keep thinking whether I’m strong enough to endure the pain. Malas aaa nak pikir..I need to embrace myself for this new experience.

Besides the labour pain, my greatest fear is whether I’m prepared enough to be a good mother just like my very own mom. Like my mom used to say, to bring up a child and to nurture the child with positive values which are none the less important. It’s actually a long way trip one could never afford to get lost. We don’t want our inheritance to be somewhat useless in the society when we’re gone. Furthermore, the world now days is cruel enough for people who is less sensitive and competitive. Even I find myself struggling hard enough just to survive for a better live.

What my gynae sed?
Why afraid of non continuous pain ? My doc said, the pain will immediately subside once you get to see the face of your little one. I just can’t wait for the moment to come. I want to experience the magical moment as first time mummy. How would I react…should I cry? Smile? ke masa tuh mcm blurr sbb dah kena jab???

People, I’m so gonna surrender myself to what God has written for me. No matter what happen, I’m so grateful that I’m blessed with such a wonderful family and a great man as my husband, I love them so much and they’re all I have in mylife. They’re my strength and my reason to live in this world. May Allah give me His blessings all the way through. Aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hari Weekend Saya

Casino Royale was superb, at least for me. Reason being, unlike Pierce Brosnan, David Craig was dirty hahahaa…not dirty in the sexual ways mind u…if u can still remember all the previous Bond movies, the agent was always in clean suit no matter what, even after a very tough fight..kena hempuk gila2 ke hapa…it was bodo ok…dah kena bom letup terbaekk pun tuxedo tak kotor and Bond still maintain handsome muka cam bagus. This time around..comot gila Bond..sememeh..i likeeeeee…and lawak dia pun mcm natural.. I finally prefer him over brosnan kot eventhough he’s blonde. Before this dah bermatian ckp Brosnan aaa Bond paling sexy…Eva Green was ok..ermmm..not that sexy and not that lame. just ok kot..but at last commit suicide plak..sia2 kehidupan.

Pregnancy wise, aaaaaaaahhhhhh sgt memenatkan nowdays. 5 weeks left to go…I just cant wait peeps! Rasa mcm bawak tembikai okay…takpun bola bowling..i can’t eat a lot or otherwise I’ll end up like rotten vegetables on my bed. I dunno how to limit my food intake. Makan sikit kang lapar..makan byk kang tak larat jalan. Sian my sayang, yesterday I ended lying on my bed. Plan nakgi kenduri pun canceled. Luckily hujan like nobody’s business. So. Ada excuse sket aaa why takleh pegi. This coming 23rd ada checkup in bm specialist. Eeeeeiii takut plak..i dun wanna know what the doctor will comment. But sure enuff, dah rasa terngiang dah kat telinga nie “ u eat a lot aaaaa….ur baby’s weight naik banyak nih. ..if the baby is too big nanti u tak larat push “ alamak…adding to that I know ted sgt suka la kalo aku beranak ikut tingkap *baik ckp siap2 seblom si dedi cool nih comment..nak tutup telinga ah masa check up nanti

My anniversary plan..sgt kesian aaa hehehe…takleh nak plan canggih2..mak tak larat gitu…rasa nya mcm nak overnite kat Jerjak and Spa Resort dohhh…nie pun tgh tunggu feedback from sayang nyer aunt whether she can get discounts or not…gila kemuttt!!!! Apa bley buat…hendaklah pandai berjimat cermat kerana soon akan mendapat bb…dahla cuti skolah..is there any available room? Kang penuh sia2..nak celebrate kat mana lg? silap2 dinner jer ah…aiseyyyy sgt boringlah kalo mcm tuh..sayang tanya what I wish to have for our 1st anniversary ..tetiba teringat..kalo ada LCD screen letak dalam keta tuh syok gakkan..nanti bleh aa bb tgk citer spongebob dalam keta..amannnn sket…itu nanti dah ada bb bleh beli aaa not now..gila bagus aku nih…hadiah anniversary tapi bleh bagi tahun depan…sgt baekkk…

Ok bek to werk…..ZZzzzZZZZ

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Result's Day!!!

Sedey..sedeyyy..dgn mummy skali sedeyyy

hepi dah!!!!

Harini sgt meng'hepi' kan seluruh family Pak Mail...adik managed to get straight A's for her UPSR examination...I was there to witness the moment..nervewrecking gakla since among the siblings..she was the one yg paling lepak bila nak exam..suruh study jek jeling 2 mata tuh..banyak angin..tak kena sikit jek hempas pintu..nak jek aku backhand skali hehehe...

During my time..mmg lompat gila ah dapat tau dapat straight A's...gelak gila..raya hindu aaa orang ckp...time changed i guess..unlike my expectation, bebudak nih pakat nangis bila dapat tau dapat 5A's..deviate gila from concept kegembiraan..syahdu jadiknya...pelik aaa bebudak skarang...nak shoot gambar pun mcm tak semangat aa..sebab ter'follow' sedih..ishhh rimas aku la..dulu takder plak aku mcm ni..sensitip...tp semenjak duk carry bb nih..hormon lebey hehehe...

Anyway..out of 25 students yg dapat 5A's..5 orang jer malay students..weiii..apa dah jadik nih..???? 20% jek..parents should do somethingla..jgn depend on teachers sgt..even tadi masa amik result..baper kerat jek parents bebudak melayu dtg amik..unlike bangsa lain..ramai dtg nak kasi moral support..haiyooooo that was so frustrating aaa..from the start pun nampak parents mcm tak ambik berat bout their children nyer education....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Open House Umah Atuk

Empat Unimates,3 still single but not available

Ted cakap gambar orang tuh nak amik berkat hahahah....

W/pun sedang sarat ( next month mletop aaaa ) *tp tadek aa sgt pun hehehe* telah dibuli oleh mummy untuk drive from Penang-KL-Penang. She sed jangan manja2 sgt..belasah jek eventhough everybody was worried about me driving long distance. I think benda nih up to your body aa..if rasa takleh jangan push sgt..

I was sooo eager nak blk KL gak.Got no choice pun..nak naik flight dah tak bley...takut terberanak dlm plane tuh sia2 masuk paper. Takpe ah kena drive, lagipun i have to consider jugak aaa..mummy penat tlg prepare for the open house kan.

Satu jek tak best..my sayang was away for his Labuan trip that sunday morning. Dahla the day before he was too bz with his Jamuan hari raya kat opis. Makanya..we only managed to spend a very very short time together kan sayang :-( menci aaaaaaa......

So, today terasa gak ah sakit belakang tapi steady lagi...i dont mind aaa..janji puas..hepi :-D

Friday, November 03, 2006

smalam punya cerita

i had a meeting at 7.30am and my monthly check up with my gynae at 10am yesterday. Due to that, i decided to work from home. Emely kecik was at home too to acoompany me. The same time i felt that it was very gud to have her around. At least I can work myself learning on how to take care of this 4 years old gal. Kacang ah jaga dia since she didn't kacau much. All it takes was susu sebotol and nasi goreng telur. she seemed so hepi when i let her pecahkan telur yg nak digoreng. She mandi sendiri and wore her own clothes all by herself. then lenaaaa...wish my bb jadik mcm tuh jugak. very independent and menjadi kesayangan ramai.

brought her along for my check up..she tot she could see the baby through the ultra sound machine..but when she saw the black and white figure, she seemed frustrated. pastu duk paksa aku tunjuk bb dalam perut nih..camner nk buat tuh?? cuba xplain jap..then she forbids me from eating, dia komplen kat mak aku ckp baby dalam perut aku dah kenyang instead aku nk mkn lagi. then dia tanak tido sama dgn aku sbb dia takut perut aku koyak..iskk..words yg dia guna sungguh mengerikan...and she dislikes the fact of going to be an aunty..reason being, dia duk pakai pampers lagi..still kecik she sed..hehehe..

My baby dah 2.2kg..I've gained 2 kg to 56kg...patut ah mengah smacam and lately mcm short of breath bila naik tangga and such. My gynae sed i ate a lot which i bluntly denied. tahyul aaa doctor nih..suka benar perli hamba yg penakut nih...manader makan banyak hehehe...thinking twice..a'ah la mcm betul jek..even between meals pun duk munching lagik.

He sed my bb can easily shoot up to 3kg++ since i have 7 more weeks to go. well, it's nice to have 3kg punya bb he said but he's worried that i dont have enuff energy to push looking at my size. abih tue apa nk buek??? he advised me to control the amount of food taken daily. tp kalo mummy masak sedap2 camner? sayang blanja mkn best camner? payah nih nk control..ikut my mom..u just eat while u still can..nanti pantang kena control..whatever your baby weighs..sakit sama gak she said..keluar kat situ gak..well, she got the point..tapi takut gak ah...freak out!!!!

Tido is not a luxury anymore. Pusing kiri kanan semua tak kena. asyik terjaga malam. tak selesa sgt dah. resulting from that..mcm dah develop eyebag..eeeee...tak sesuai aa mcm nih...my feet has start to swollen. not sure it happened bcoz of water retention or the impact of wearing heels masa first day raya...takkan pasal heels kot ek..shite btol!!!..nak melawa for a second pun takleh isk..isk..isk..

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Semua !!!!

My Precious family..love them to bits!

Us..as usual sayang tutup mata aa kena flash..

Our First time raya as husband and wife :-D

Di kesempatan ini saya ingin menyusun 10 jari tangan dan kaki atas segala salah silap, terkasar bahasa sepanjang kita bersahabat. Semoga anda semua bergembira di Lebaran ini dan dilimpahi rezeki yang berlipat ganda hendaknya Aminnnnnnnnn........

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cerita Minggu Lepas + Minggu Ini

1. Tailor saya mmg bengs..dia cakap sempat buat baju saya within a week but malas nak hantar dah..jauh tuh sampai Parit Buntar..kesudahannya saya tidak mempunyai baju raya yang ditempah.Selamatlah haritu dah terbeli and last saturday pun terbeli jugak baju raya hehehe..cukupla...

2. Saya mmg teringin nak berbaju raya macam Datin Rosmah yang jenis sarat dgn bits tuh. Baju yg terbeli memula tuh penuh sarat dgn bits tetapi tak glitter pung!!!..alaaa..tak glamer mak..!!!! baju yg ke-2 tuh manik yg sedikit tp agak glitter. Kesimpulannya saya pegi kedai smalam membeli manik2 dan membuat attempt untuk menjahit sendiri manik dia tangan dan leher baju raya tersebut. Harap2 attempt ini berjaya since kalo siap sbelah jek manik kat tangan manaleh pakai raya..Aminnn...*tp smalam half tangan dah selamat jahit..estimated by khamis nih siap ah..Aminnnnnnn skali lg

3. Sekiranya saya berjaya menyiapkan manik di baju sendiri..saya akan cuba menjahit manik di baju adik saya yang paling kecik dan comel itu. Baju Emely lah..siapa lg. W/pun tailor telah berjaya menjahit manik di baju si kenit itu skali pandang..mcm firbi plak *hanya beberapa org jek faham perkataan ini..berlapis-lapis. Bak kata babah mcm nak sambut deepavali. So, smalam jugak saya telah menarik segala manik Deepavali itu dan membeli manik lain untuk dijahit balik.

4. Saya telah berbincang dengan sayang saya. Akhirnya saya akan beraya di rumah saya tahun ini...Yeayyyyy *melompat kegembiraan!!! akan hanya pulang ke padang besar pada ptg raya ke2 untuk upacara makan besar di Kuala Perlis. Kemungkinan akan dijoin oleh atuk nenek pakcik makcik saya dari KL jugak kerana mereka akan turun beraya di rumah saya tahun ini...OH Bahagianya!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Urine Infection belum baik sepenuhnya..tp sbb saya fed-up takleh posa lama2..saya posa jugak..mmg degil budak nih..saya dah start puasa balik dah!!! 12 hari tinggal..penat jugak nak ganti nanti..tp saya akan ajak sayang saya posa skali..

6. Sabtu yg lalu berbuka posa di San Francisco Steak House. Sgt sedap..lepak sampai pukol 9. ada hani..azmi..sara and fairuz..fariuz telah berjaya membuktikan perut dia lagi besar daripada perut saya w/pun saya dah 7 bulan mengandung..cayalah!!! ada gambar..nanti saya update.

7. Minggu ini terasa nak potong rambut. terasa panas sangat. Jadi saya nak layer dan cuba blajar curl rambut sendiri guna curler tuh. Jumaat nih bleh kot..

8. Orang yang berhutang dgn saya masih tidak bayar lagik. Dah nak masuk 3 bulan dah nie..mak pun kering gak..igt dia sorang ke yg kering..dia sorang ke nak raya then aku tak payah haaaa....dia sorang jek ada anak haaaa...mmg ah aku tadek anak lagi but kena gak beli bj dia sbb dia dah nak keluar!!!! susahla..masa nk pinjam janji mcm2..bila dah dapat diam jek..nak jek aku ckp benda jahat2 tp apakan daya bulan posa..kena byk bersabar dan beribadat..nak kena tepon dia ke aa..ke nak msg buat kali yg ke berapa ntah nak remind..tp msg pun dia wat bodoh jek..gomen dah dapat bonus nih..hah..tak reti nak bayar ke..????!!!!! *sabar...sabar...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Teka-teki teka tekuk

Cuba teka..gambar apakah ini ????

Just got back from BM Specialist. Result of my urine test still indicates that the infection still persist..mangkuk ayunnnnn!!!! dahtu bila leh posa nih..isk..isk..takmau aa ganti lelama..uwaa...uwa!!!

By today i can submit my maternity leave application already..the doctor has adjusted my due date to one week later. Reason being is my company will let me go 2 weeks earlier than my due date.Rugi ah..let say tak beranak lg time tuh then my 2 weeks leave is wasted.. Baik cuti lama after giving birth kan..kan..kan

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend wrap up

Blood Test
Last thursday i went for a check up and padan muka kena amik darah..but this time it wasn't like the previous one..eiii..slamat posa..nak je terkeluar obscene words..sakit gila!!...tgk pic nih..those area yg blue black..panjang gila..mana taknya..memula cucuk kuar darah sket then she selamber tolak the needle deeper and deeper..tegak japp bulu roma tahan sakit..ikutkan hati nak jek aku spank nurse yang duk cucuk tuh...

Blk Kg Padang Besar

Blk kg sat..bukak posa in padang besar. Went back with sayang's family..the weather was clear ..and the ambience was just too lovely eventhough it did rain during the evening..once in a while terasa gak nk duk kg..tp boleh ke idup kalo tadek streamyx..supermarket semua ??? what i like most about mak tok's place is the compound..pokok nyioq..ciku..rambutan..mata kucing..cili..palas..u name it..u can just pluck it..so, i did asked my sayang to get me some young coconuts to break the fast..slamat pokok tuh kontot..senang capai takyah panjat..guna tangga dah...

Little Baby Asha

This was the most exciting.. paid a visit to Meru Heights, Ipoh to see this little darling of Ted and Ira..comeyyy aaa..baik jek..eventhough we cakap kuat2, nih dedi dia dgn my sayang aaa..duk try2 camera dia leh wat dek jek..tido..sure ikut dedi dia ah nih..by the time nak blk..she passed motion hahaha...pastu buat muka blur..cute tul..:-D ira, tgk asha..i just can't wait for my turn to come eventhough it is sooo nerves wrecking to think about the labour pain..nanti leh aa 2-2 babies kawan kan..i had ira's pics too but she forbids me from uploading them..ala ira..ok jek..sama je lawa mcm dulu, in fact u look more radiant aaa :-D so, gambar ted je lah yg lepas...

oh..kakak is seating for her PMR Exams the whole week. Gud luck kakak!!!!i'll pray that u'll get straight A's..!!! u really deserve it !!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nanny's Convo

haaaaa...see bb..nanny pun convo..meaning nanti bb pun kena study hard..jadi somebody intellectual..Aminnnnnn..Well, adding to my mom's collection of special moments..her convocation day in UNISEL. She's now 47 years old and yet still in high spirit to further her studies..salute lah kat mommy!!! Even your aunties pun sibuk2 nak pakai the robe..ambik berkat ah tuh..:-D

Dedi had left france for London.He already comes to the end of his study trip and thus he'll be back in 4 days!!!! syoknyaaa...yeay..! yeay...! leh tgk apa dedi beli for mommy and baby..!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Mommy's new hobby

I'm currently reading this book. A very good friend of mine gave it to me. She said it was very good for first time mother...I've read like 30 pages already and I really adore the content..easy to understand and yet filled with lotsa baby pics...comell gilerrr..Owh..besides that,i do read the D70 manual as well..ntah bila ah nak tunggu tedroz ajar nih..some sort of preparation before my bb arrives..nanti mommy terer aaa tangkap gambar bb!!!..click! click!...

My hippo exposed it's sexy buttock last nite..tunjuk sexy plak..Ermmmm...I'd better get a small hippo for my bb..nanti takderlah mommy n bb rebut the same hippo ye dak hehehe :-D Pening dedi hehehe...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back to the office..

I'm backkk..!!! after 2 days missing from the office..bukan ponteng ah..in fact I'm working from home..this is due to the urine infection i had..doc ckp sebab tak minum air byk..yup..yup..yup! mmg lately tak minum byk..i do realize that..i've been swamped by all the urgent stuff in the office so, minum bila sempat jer la..inilah akibatnya.. :-( my fever also not 100% gone..pakai socks kat office..sbb rasa sejokk..i'm high on drugs!!! banyak gila ubat doc kasik..tomorrow kena gi clinic tuh blk for another urine test..if still tak lawas then i have to take another type of medicine which is more powerful..adeihhh...

enuff rantings bout that...anyway..my sayang is coming back this coming 23rd sept..yeayyyyyyyyy..bestnyaaa...he managed to exchange his flight tix..tak sabar nyaaa tunggu sayang balik!!!! i want to apply for leave..i know it's like very very near to Ramadhan..people dont usually go for holiday during Ramadhan BUT..nak cuti gak..maybe 2-3 days..pegi jalan..jom sayang!!!!...

Eh..besok 15th sept...muahahahha...first half punya gaji masuk...yeayyyyyyyyy...alaaa..byr hutang :-(

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Congratsss Ted and Ira...!!!!!

This morning I received the sms that i've awaited for so looooooooooooooong..!!!! I was expecting it the latest by last night hehehe... " It's a girl..cute like dedi dia ah " hehehe...Ted wrote..I was soooo happy...excited..I just wish i could be there as well...to share the Moment..Mia Aishah...i hope the spelling is correct..is the baby's name..lovely name..and i'm sure she'll grow up to be a lovely girl as well..just like her mummy hehehe..oklah...mcm dedi dia gok hehehe..

As for Ira, she's still resting..maybe i'll give a her a call tonight..or maybe tomorrow..Well Ira and Ted...Congratsssss again..!!!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ira..Leen doa kat Ira..!!!

Captured during my wedding at Nud's place on 4th Dec 05 together with Ira n Ted. They just got married 2 weeks earlier!!!

Ira..my uni mate..in fact she played very important role in my relationship with Nud. She was the one who provided me with Nud's mobile number since Ted Sancho her hubby stayed together with my hubby during Uni days kat Fasa 4 Tambahan tue laa..Jasamu dikenang ah Ira..:-D

At the moment, she is going through labour pain in Pantai Hospital, Bangsar. Called Ted and he said Ira is not having any contraction yet. Therefore I gave Ira a call. She sounded like normal..Hail to the future mummy...!!! You're such a brave mummy to be lah Ira...I can't imagine myself in your shoes..Oh Gawd!!! My time will come in 3 months time..Ya Allah..permudahkan lah segala-galanya nanti...Aminnnnnn

In the meantime..I just want you to know..Leen doakan yang terbaik untuk Ira..sempena hari yang berkat nih..Nisfu Syaaban..Allah permudahkan semuanya untuk Ira and also Ted Sancho..i'm eagerly waiting for Ted's msg about the birth of their bundle of joy..!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

University of Cambridge

I guess it's back to school for Mr.Nud in Cambridge hehehe..Look at this pic..Oklah..nampak sihat cukup makan..Alhamdulillah...kalau dedi tak cukup makan then alarm mummy aaa..hantar maggi satu dozen :-D bb..dedi suh jadik Engineer tuh..tapi mummy suka aa bb jadik pilot..dedi ckp masuk Trinity college, Cambridge.That college dah produce 151 noble prize winner. Jangan jadik mcm Uncle Ted dah..tak abih2 dengan sancho..stretchy pants dia..

Since the currency rate is too high , i have no plan asking nud to buy so much things for me...kalau tukar RM1k then u'll only get 185 pound..that is equivalent to 7.02 now...memula teringin gak ah nak pesan mcm2 hehehe...but at last pesan bj baby jek..itu pun kalau the price is affordable...okeh dedi..nanti tangkap gambar lagi kay!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dear bb

Dedi is currently on plane to Heathrow airport..ermmmm..mummy starts missing dedi already since last night even before dedi left for KLIA. Apa Dedi pesan kat bb? mummy heard dedi suruh bb jaga mummy ek..how sweet...well, dedi mmg sweet sgt...wish that bb knows how dedi jaga mummy and bb...nanti bila keluar say thanks to dedi kay..jangan naughty2 dengan dedi..tak baik..dedi dah banyak sacrifice for both of us..slalu doa kan dedi kay bb..so that he'll find success and happiness in everything he does!!!

pstttt: dedi will be coming back only in a month time...what suprise shall mummy prepare for dedi ek?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

Aper kena dia nih...

sukanyaaa diaaa...

apa kena ah dia nih

I know that Ct n DK's fairytale wedding irritate us most tp apsal tetiba lak pompuan nih enterframe..what she did i think it's cheap..cukupla...I'm not mawi's fan but somehow i adore the way he made all the statements..unlike Ina..i think she was trying to deviate people's attention to her...

it's a boy..!!!!

I'm suffering from backache due to the bus ride from kl to Penang last nite..tu laaa..tunjuk hero sgt mcm boleh survive naik bus...skali seat takleh recline..bengong punya bas...So, here i am at home..mc aa apa lagi..nak bangun pun tak larat..end up on my bed jer la..while writing this..

Owhh...paid a visit to the clinic earlier this morning with mummy..alang2 i asked the doc to perform an ultrasound check up hehehe..Baby was fine but need to gain more weight..i tot i ate soooo much..more than enuff but i was wrong...stakat nak mkn byk lagi tadak hal lah bb..!!! owhh..and mummy was sooo excited to know bout the gender. Skali ambik..nampak seketul...the scrotum aaa..so, the doc sed 80% bb boy la..suka ah mummy hehehe...nenek muda nih sorang nih....

What happened last weekend

For nud n me, we already started on buying baby's clothing. Mix colors of red..pink..blue..yellow..white...green..u name it..be it boy or girl..semua leh pakai..we had a nice time doing the shopping right ira and ted ??

After doing some nice shopping on babies clothings..we went straight to minum2 kat OU..nud came up with such a BRILLIANT idea of wanting to see REMP-IT the movie and Ted agreed...Oh MY!!!...merempit our babies dalam perut during the movie..not much to comment on the movie..takder aa teladan baik yg boleh diikut melainkan jgn lupa bagi salam..rempit rempit gak and solat jgn lupa...Owh..ted habis ah..dia dah dapat tag line baru which is "ADA BRANNNN "...that stands for ada berani?? hehehe...tp " sancho!! when u're a man...sometimes u wear stretchy pants..in your room..it's for fun " tak dilupakan...hahahhaha...abih aaa ira..!!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tips for Expecting Hot Mamas Out There...

Buying for baby: What you really need
Written for BabyCentre UK

It's tempting to think that when your baby is born you need all sorts of complicated and expensive equipment. In reality, you need very little but of course, you may want to buy a few extras. Our checklist below should give you an idea of what you will need before your baby is born - anything else is a nice extra and can probably wait till after your baby is born.

• Nappies. As newborn babies will need their nappies changed 10-12 times a day, buy enough nappies to keep you going for at least the first few days or so. If you are planning to use reusable nappies, it's a good idea to have at least one packet of disposables handy too.

• Baby wipes or cotton wool, for nappy changing.

• A changing mat, or a changing unit.

• Babygros. Three or four babygros or all-in-one sleepsuits will be very handy. Small babies tend to live in these in their first few months and really don't need to wear anything else, apart from a vest underneath in winter months, or a cardigan over the top if it is very cold.

• Baby vests/body suits. At least three or four vests, also known as body suits, are essential, with envelope necks and poppers underneath. These can be worn under babygros, or when the weather is very hot, a baby vest may be all your baby needs to wear.

• One or two blankets to wrap your baby in.

• One or two cardigans to provide an extra layer.

• Moses basket or cot, unless your baby will be sleeping in your bed.

• A mattress which fits the Moses basket, cot or crib.

• A baby bath (or you can use a washing up bowl), or a newborn bath support.

• A couple of small towels and some mild baby bath.

• A rear-facing car seat, if your baby will be travelling by car.

• A pram, pushchair or buggy that is suitable for newborn babies (with a lie-flat position).

• Nursing bras and breast pads if you are breastfeeding.

• Bottles, teats, bottle brushes and some sterilising method, if you are bottle feeding.

psssttt daddy...kita baru beli bottles dgn nappies jer kan..ishhh...byk lagi nak beli haaa...nie yg best nih hehehehehe... :-D

Monday, August 14, 2006


i'm in my 20th weeks already...nud and me has started scouting for baby's good. In conjunction with the mega sales, we believe that now is the right time to do the shopping..kalau ikut old folks, they forbid us to do the shopping until our baby reaches the 7th month..somehow during that time, it is already ramadhan and i'm not too sure whether i have the energy to loiter around the malls anymore..better now than later ya!

Apparently nud is being such a cool daddy-to-be..several times he was whispering to the baby asking "bila nak keluaq" nih...while watching tv suddenly nud letak kepala dia kat my perut..he claimed that the baby was calling him..apalah hehehe...nanti bila baby dah lahir..dia nangis malam..jangan buat2 tak dengaq plak tau...:-D he was sooo excited to feel his baby kicking last week..i was suprised myself too..eventually I only can feel the baby kicks but this time around masa nud ada, baby bukan stakat kicking..siap gegarkan perut lg..so, at times my tummy moves as if ada waves kat dalam perut nih...i wonder what happens inside there...

met ira and ted..both wearing pink..nud and me was wearing red..lepak kat syed..both me and ira had such a wonderful conversation about our babies and also our preparations...while both daddies-to-be sibuk borak pasal ntah apa2..we can't even bother..the only time we did put a pause to our conversation was when ted came up with story of having to shoot a nude model from London....memula mcm rasa "siot tul..sukeee yerrrrr model bogel nih 2-2 org...tp lawak gila ah when ted revealed that model tuh actually bapuk bername Fasha...tak kuasa nyahhh!!! " haaa....pegi ah capture..barang sama kihkihkihkih.....kita tak kisah kan ira....

but i know....that will actually encourage nud to be a part time photographer even more gak..yer ah..sebab byk unexpected job kan...

oh..anyway..babah was very kind enuff to sponsor baju peknen from modernmum..bila sale murah plak..i got myself a white blouse..and a 3 quarter bell bottom punya pants..while nud was slightly unlucky..babah nak belikan dia the ralph lauren punya shirt yg kuda besaq gila tuh but we found out that the shirt dah sold out..no more in malaysia..it was a limited edition..takperla sayang..babah ckp nanti dia nak belanja baju lain..:-D

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Banyak sgt benda2 best jadik in mylife all through these years...i've been blessed with sooo many wonderful moments and I wanna thank God for His blessings and kindness...Alhamdulillah....

At the moment..rasa takut...afraid that i might forget Him during my happy times and only turn to Him during the downfall...takmau sgt jadi mcm tuh..takmau lupa diri... We should remember Him during our ups and downs..

I am so grateful for all the things He has given me...great families...wonderful marriage... a very humble n lovely husband..and now..the baby I'm carrying in my womb...the miracle of life is happening to me..!!!! Alhamdulillah...

Oh..a quick one..last check up i did..the doc said the baby i am carrying might be a boy...nampak 'punai' kihkihkihkih...hopefully bukan the tali pusat ah...well, i don't mind kalau girl pun..janji bb sihat....tp kalau boy sure teddy n nana suka sgt since all my siblings perempuan...

Talking bout nud...future daddy tgh risau..since we are distance apart..dia takut the bb tak sayang dia..sbb he only managed to rub my tummy n talk to the baby on weekends..dia ckp nanti baby tak sayang dia..sedey plak dgr dia ckp mcm tuh..mana ada daddy hehehe...takkan la baby tak sayang..daddy dia...tambah2 plak esok pakai baju sama..rambut sama...kasut sama..sure dia saaaaaaaaaayang punya ah..hehehehe...

Baby...nanti daddy blk..don't forget to kick harder..but then wait for the right time...when daddy letak jer telinga dia kat perut..time tuh aaa..side kick skali heheheh..daddy tak puas hati since he can't feel your movement yet..but I DID!!!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

In 5 months to come..

Paid a visit to the maternity ward last night. Tapi takde lak perasan mana bilik tempat diorang letak baby2 yg baru lahir tuh..ward dia ok..just nice but the most important thing is the place takder bau dettol or any other anticeptic. Phobia..trauma tul dgn bau liquid tuh..and that is one of the reason jugak I decided to have my baby kat BM specialist...sebab hospital dia takder bau...tak mcm spital kerajaan..-D

Sorry ah..Hospital Serdang jauh sgt..kihkihkihkih

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mummy deary...

Mummy had undergone a minor surgery yesterday to remove her tiroid. While waiting mummy to gain conciousness i captured few pics. I wanna show her how she looks like after the surgery. Obviously she was as beautiful as ever even without her makeups on hehehe...risau betul dia dgn appearance dia masa kat hospital..relax aa mummy.. :-D.

Above is the picture of the tiroid. Quite big i must say..the size of telur ayam. No wonder mummy felt uncomfortable before. But the biggest tiroid is the one besides the container heheh..babah nyer perut hahahaha...he was the one who came out with the statement..tau pun perut tuh dah ke depan..diet2 la sikit..isk..isk...

I'm gonna cabut awal from work today to visit mummy..plan to visit the 2nd floor as well..maternity ward kihkihkih..just wanna catch a glimpse of what's inside the ward..in less than 5 months to come, my name gonna be on the patient's list...I wanna see cute babies!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

ooo...camtue rupanya...

Hah! mana aci...nud dah ada new hobby..everytime he's with me he'll be whispering to my tummy..he claimed that he is communicating with the baby...previously I definitely hear every single word he whispered to the baby but now he refused to let me hear what he said...mana aci camnie...daddy ada komplot ngan baby ke..??? kot ye pun biar ah dia keluar dulu kalo nak ajak dia gi main futsal ke main bola ke..nak kena nih..!!!!!

haaa...kakak refused to sleep with me when nud's away..she told mummy that she dun want anything bad to happen...sbb dia takut ter'side kick' my tummy masa tido ehehehe..nanti terberanak plak dia ckp..taupun tido tuh buas...

I think i'm gonna get a combi/ graco stroller for baby..orange color..quinny is BIG TIME expensive...can't afford..tp kalo teddy ke...tok SP nak sponsor..ambik aaa hehehee...milk bottle lak beli avent..lg aper ye..syok gak surfing for baby punya goods nih...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tgk sket..

Nud took this pic 2 weeks ago using his cameraphone..sorry for the blurry and not so sharp image..malaa nak edit ah..tp nampak jer kan apa benda tuh hehehe..

Monday, July 10, 2006

Kancil McLaren dah kena jual..sob..sob

Yup..it's true...after 6 wonderful years..kancil McLaren dh kena jual..sob..sob..well, i was very reluctant to sell my kancil but I can't afford to avoid it unless aku ada byk duit ah nak maintain 2 kereta..jauh panggang dari api ah kan...kang ada yg tak cukup mkn...babah was the first one to come out with the idea of me having some sort of 'family' car. Obviously I knew that he doesn't want his cucu to ride kereta yg comel itu..mmglah gegar kalau lalu tepi lori hehehe...tak save kata dia..power tul future cucu nie influence teddy..oh nyway..teddy stands for tok+daddy= "teddy"...Babah requested for that...for mummy.."Nana" suits her well..:-D
Currently I'm commuting with my sayang's car..pinjam sat tau...till i decide what car to buy..my dream car...of course is beyond reach at the moment...ermmm...i just couldn't get my mind into what car i desire the most currently..I adore Jazz but my dad gave a red light to it..but mummy really approved it to bits! I really need to consider babah's preference as he'll be the one to subsidize the monthly installment...hehehe...mmg busuklah aku nie..dah kawin pun babah nak subsidize...tp rezeki jgn tolak ah..he said cucu punya pasal..alaaa..syoknya kalau mintak semua dia nak kasik pasal cucu kan...!!! gimme few days...and I'll come back with THE CHOSEN one of course...till then..stay tune!!!

p/s: sapa yg ckp keta nie dulu jual timbang kati je..puhleez aaa...dapat jual 17k lagi tuh...kihkihkih...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Seeds of Love...

3rd month check-up and here is the result..my baby dah boleh angkat ketiak !!!! hahahaha...it was so funny looking at the baby...during our first time check up..the baby was like soooooo small...'seketul' je..now the head..arms..hands and legs reformed bit by bit...i can see the baby's spine...the doc said the baby is very healthy..Alhamdulillah...but the due date is still keep on changing..previously it was on 25th dec and now to 21st dec..whatever it is..hope everything is fine :-D

mommy n daddy can't wait for our next meeting darling!!! nak scan lagi!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hari Minggu Sudah Pergi!!!

It wasn't as bad as i thought..anyway...weekend was over...hoorayyyy...!!!! here's the perfect song for the weekdays ahead...Enjoy!!!!

The lyrics to the song to be sung in the tune of "You're Beautiful" by
James Blunt

My job is stupid,
My day's a bore,
Inside this office,
From 8 to 4.

Nothing ever happens,
My life is pretty blank,
Pretending that I am working,
Pray that I don't get canned.

My cubicle, my cubicle,
It's 1 of 62,
It's my small space,
In a crowded place,
Just a six by six board booth,
And I hate it, that's the truth.

When I give a sigh,
As the boss walks by,
No one ever talks to me,
or looks at me in the eye,
And I really should work,
But instead I just sit here,
And surf the internet.

And my cubicle, my cubicle,
It doesn't have a view,
It's my small space,
In a crowded place,
I sit inside there too,
And sometimes I sit here nude.

By Blunt James?.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Hari Minggu Datang Lagi :-(

Well, Emely has gone back home..sunyinya rumah..I know the weekend is coming but i'd rather not having to go thorugh this weekend as Nud wont be around..sob..sob...he'll be attending a seminar in Bagan Lalang..Near the Sepang area i guess..Now tell me what should I do..My mid-year bonus has been credited to my account and yet i have no plans on what to do with it...spend it on my maternity dress? plan some short getaway to cherating ke..langkawi ke..nak tak sayang? jom aaaa...mcm syok jer kalo pi jalan2 kan...well, whatever it is..it'll be a very lonely weekend for me and also for my baby..takde daddy nak rub kan tummy..picit kaki..tak boleh tido atas lap daddy sambil tgk tv jugak..sob...sob...i need to keep myslef occupied then...tgklah nanti..buat new hairdo ke..buat suprise kat daddy :-D

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Adeihhh...gataiii nyer..

My tummy is itching day by day...this is due to my tummy expansion I guess..but then i have to avoid scratching..my mom said "nanti kulit perut tak cantik kalau garu"...takderla beauty conscious tapi nak jugak ler jaga...as an alternative..everytime i feel like scratching I ended wiping lotions to it..jenuh aaa beli lotion pasni..it's not like once in a while..is like every 15 minutes the itchiness will come hhehehehe...:-D Sayang..balik ah garu perut nih...isk..isk..isk

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Demi Waktu...

The title actually doesn't reflect to my current entry at all. Just that I've been hearing this song Demi Waktu from this Indon group Ungu..sedap jugak lagu dia but then it's too stereotype..for once u thought it was Peterpan..the other time u thought it was Padi...and the list goes on...tapi kat Fly.fm pagi2 sure ada lagu nie...

eh...adding to my list of lotions....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

now u can even see how messy my dressing table is :-(

The most common physical effects of pregnancy women typically experience during the second month include:

Fatigue ----> Tepat sekali!!!!!!!!!
Breast changes ----> Ya betul!!!!!
Frequent urination ----> adeihhh tak larat nakgi toilet
Mouth watering
Gas and bloating ----> asyik nak brppp..pastu nak kentut hahahahaha
Expanding Waistline ----> gi keja dah tak main dah button seluar..guna belt jek...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

50 reasons to be glad you're pregnant

I picked only a few that I really feel proud of for being pregnant :-D

Choosing maternity clothes -- they've never been more practical or more sexy.

Now you've got the perfect excuse to pamper yourself -- spending hours in a scented bath, enjoying a massage or rubbing soothing lotions into your growing bump.

For once in your life you need to get heavier -- pregnancy is Nature's way of making you feel good about putting on weight.

...a great excuse to buy lots of pretty new bras.

Suddenly you'll find you're getting lots of extra attention from parents, aunts and uncles: not to mention your partner.

Suddenly you'll feel a new appreciation for your own mother and all she went through having you.

Choosing baby clothes -- or just phoning round for all the catalogues, leafing through them and planning what you're going to buy

Writing a pregnancy diary for your baby to read in the future.

Getting someone to take photos of you smiling over your enormous bump so that, one day, you can look back and be amazed you were ever that size.

Imagining what he or she will look like. Your sweet little ears, of course, and his sexy eyes!

Looking into your newborn's eyes and falling utterly in love.

Making all those phone calls to announce the arrival. Telling everyone the news and hearing the excitement in their voices.

Waking up to see your baby sleeping next to you and thinking, 'Wow! This is real. I'm a mum!'

Monday, May 22, 2006

First encounter with my little angel :-D

i went for my first scan last saturday..it was awesome..got the chance to see my baby for the first time...the feeling was sooooo overwhelming..Nud was speechless...but he smiled like never before..There is our baby..!!!!! I'm now in my 9th week...and my gynae expected that my due date is on 25th Dec 2006..on chrismas day!!! Ira..looks like our angels are going to be same age!!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm in my 8th Week

Baby nak tak baju ada spots mcm tue..??

Well, time passes by relentlessly and i'm now in my approximately 7th week of pregnancy. nothing much change..i'm still in my lazy mode :-D feeling fatigue all day long and at night my body temparature increases. The sensation of having a slight fever every night never fails to show up and with that I know it's already my bedtime.
I dunno whether I'm gonna have my morning sickness...but somehow..i pray to God so that I dun have to go through that. I know it's gonna be tiring and frustrating..eating up so much and yet it all go down to the toilet bowl. Not to mention tak boleh bau itula...inila..adeihhhhh....anyway...

baby...be good tau..nanti weekend daddy balik..kita buli dia sama2..suruh daddy picit kaki..tangan semua..pastu kita suruh daddy blanja makan sedap2...nak? lagi satu..baby tak payahla suruh mummy bangun 2-3 kali gi toilet every night...ngantukla..:-D

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Inilah orangnya yang bertanggungajawab!!!!!

malas nak tulis panjang2..tgk sendiri ah

Thursday, April 27, 2006


How i hate this creature...my lovely day yesterday ended with this 2 huge..ugly..furry...vicious..despicable and disgusting roaches...!!!!! i was home early then usual. Happily climbing the stairs I was stumped when I noticed these 2 sinful creatures at my bathroon door...dalam hati mmg cursing tak ingat ah..thinking it back pun dah tegak segala bulu roma yg ada..where the hell these to curseful creatures came from..???tak penah bilik aku nie kena ceroboh dgn benda2 camnih..if ada pun nyamuk jek..but then i realized sumthing..i remembered not closing one of the pipe openings after doing my weekly session of "mari mengemas bilik "

as fast as lightning i managed to grab my broom...still with terror..i tried to kill the roaches..i made it after 3 attemps. Did that while squatting on the toilet bowl hehehehe...when i just thought it was over i heard a very humble sound just behind my bathroom door...and THERE IT WAS..laki dia ke bini dia aku tak tau..ada lagi sekor...cinabenggggg!!!!!!! dah malas nk pukul..seksaan dia kejap sangat..so, i took the insect repellant by jumping from the toilet bowl straight out to the door...gila terer...:-D and without fail i aimed on its face..hambekk kau...i'm actually prolonging its agony before it finally died..memula rasa puas hati gila2...but thinking back...gila aku seksa dia..nanti kat akhirat dia balas balik..alamak..mcm mana nih....????

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Singapore trip

Was in Singapore last weekend.Took a day leave on Monday since Tuesday is Maulidul Rasul.It's been a very looooooooooooong time i left for Singapore..masa umo 12 tahun..lama tuh..well, everytime we had this plan of going there..sure something came up unexpectedly. itu yg fed up nak plan dah..:-D
The trip was a short notice one. My uncle had undergone this kidney surgery...so, menjadi tanggung jawab para sedara lah pegi melawat. My dad was supposed to go but at the last minute he cannot make it..and so aku dgn nud lah pegi..i was very excited..yer ah lama tak pegi kan..jakun jap tgk singapore..i mean..the sights has changed totally...i can't recall where my aunties and uncles resides anymmore..lupa habih..
we left for singapore dgn bawak duit yg sgt ciput..babah ada ah kasi sedekah 400 hehehe..tapi kalau tukar tinggal baper jer..100++ sing dollars je..mana cukup..sedih...sedih..slamat mkn semua ditanggung sedara hahaha..tp kat sana pun takder sale..nothing to look forward. KL lg murah aa..ker memang aku kedekut hahaha...tp i did grab few kains for my mommy and my in law..cantik gak..for myself i got songket..not like the one for wedding lah kawan..ini yg buat bj kurung nyer..tak panas..I was eyeing for the kain when i first saw it kat Jalan TAT..mahal gila kay...350 sepasang!!!!...in here i got it for 110..kira ok lah kan...

oh..did i tell u that nud was detained at the woodlands custome check for a while..my face gone all white since i waited for him for 10 minutes but he din turned out from the custome check..wonder what happened.Called him up he said he was brought to the security office without any reason when asked..a lot of thing spanned on my mind. The fact that I dont have the respect for Singapore custom has made me feel a little queasiness. kerek ah singapore nih...in the end i just found out that they were just doing a normal check meaning that they just pick randomly among the people to do check up...nervous break down japp..takkan muka laki aku yg comey lagi berpipi tembam tuh ala2 terrorist kan..hehehe..

anyway enuff ramblings bout the unwelcomed incident. Here are some of the pics taken during our stay.