Thursday, February 23, 2006

Adeihhh malu..malu

i dunno whether it was stupid or a lesson to be learned. Either way I'm still me..I'm only human and only been working with Intel for 9 months. Attended a meeting just now..never before i need to present in this meeting cause i have my partner to do that. Unfortunately he was absent this time leaving me to swim alone...Alrianto..awat hangpa tak habaq hangpa tadak...naya kami..isk..isk...I was busy doing my job when suddenly over the conf meeting i heard my name. " Edleen,any update on the ECO" . There u go..i feel like my head gonna pop up..i wish i was invisible and how I wish I could be somebody else..somehow lucky me it was just over the phone..i wonder how stupid I look if I was there face to face with them..sure muka mcm ayam kena Avian Flu!!!! Dengan confident nyer aku update what I knew but not what they want to hear hahahahaha...actually i did applied this method masa kat uni...during exam aa...daripada biar je takde jawapan kan...tulis je apa2 yg tau..

masa present tu i can hear some peeps giggled but GO TO HELL WITH THEM...!!!! ( selamat dalam 20 seconds je)It doesn't take a week to be expert in Coordination stuff. I was left alone juggling in the water avoding from getting drown by Hong Leong yang sgt pandai tukar keja even before aku sempat belaja dgn dia pasal coordination...okla..sempatla belaja 2 hari je then i was off for my wedding leave..dah nama kawin..mana aaar ada masa nk igt all these working stuff...but at least i did survived..sampai sekarang hidup lg tau eventhough sometimes i'm in such a mess...mana nk buat ECO Processing..dgn ECO coordination lagi..pastu dengan nk plan team building yang sgt power lagi...pening..pening...nak tau tak apa aku present...benda yg production dah tak buat setahun lebey dah...well..mmg nampak stupid but benda tue still jalan kat sites lain, susah lah nk segregate product nie jalan kat mana for this meeting and that meeting...eiiii...i hope i can just remain adamant for any meeting lah..tapikan as for now tak rasa stupid pun...eleh...yg duk gelak tue mcmlah diorang terer sgt within 9 months working in INTEL...aku keja 6 months dah pegang 2 posts...TAKE THAT YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tpkan my friend said i was lah..rather than u keep quiet as if u're not there...(it maybe the best action i shud take that time :-(...or to say u have no idea...ckp je lah apa2 pun...lepas nie confirm2 org kenal aku dah kan...ala..i'll take this as a lesson la..never be afraid to vent out what u know as long as benda tue betulla hehehehehe....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kedai Wahab...U Won My Heart!!!!

Last nite..i got back a bit late..around not that late actually for some people but in my dept..that is considered late already :-) the time i got down to the lobby...the rain was pouring heavily..looking at my outfit at that moment..I don't think i can make it to the car park...dengan skirt n high heel..mau aku tersembam depan org masa lari..decided not to take the risk and i just waited for the rain to stop...lama plak hujan nk berenti...

Arrived home and saw nasi kerabu on the table...sedapnyaa mkn nasi kerabu masa hujan2 nie..then after maghrib my mom ajak gi kedai Wahab..This Kedai Wahab really reminds me of my childhood days. The days when I got my new baju sekolah..kasut skolah from this shop..excited nak mampos kalo my parents ajak gi kedai nih...till now..the price they offered are still unbelievable cheap!!!

But now we only go there to buy telekung..sejadah and sisters dont really fancy their baju skolah beli kat kedai ni...takder brand konon...come on...KEDAI WAHAB..ada brand apa!!!!Pakai baju Kedai Wahab..dapat gak masuk Uni...hehehe...

That nite i managed to grab 3 tudungs...satu rm7.50 but ambik 3 jadik rm21 je...i remembered buying the same kind of material kat Jalan TAR for was 50% more EXPENSIVE...!! KEDAI WAHAB...U won My HEART!!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Love these SHots to bits..!!!!

Sayang...bila leh pose mcm nie nih ??? :-)